Friday, November 30, 2007

I love Mousies! Mousies what I loves to eat...

Bite they little heads off; nibble on they tiny feet!

I'm sewing a new table cloth and chair scarves today. Up this morning at 5:30 so I can get it done before meeting with the other gals I work with. We have to go shopping today for mice! Well, the ingredients for mice.

Next Saturday is our Christmas dinner for the single adults over 32. It's a big huge deal every year and it seems the older singles (60+) really look forward to being treated special and having a great time. This year we are in charge of the food. (last year was decorations and entertainment) We're serving roast beef, rosemary potatoes, roasted garlic green beans, euro greens with candied walnuts, goat cheese and raspberry vinaigrette, quick breads, and cheesecake with raspberry or chocolate sauce and a mouse sitting on top. (cheese cake...mice....???)

So today we shop for mice, Monday we'll make them, and Friday we'll shop and prep the food for Saturday. Another busy day! Another busy week!

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chronicler said...

Neat! I love the mice tie in. Also it gives us non cheesecake eaters some sort of a treat. Not that I'm single or going to the party.

Is it raining in your neighborhood. It is here!

s'mee said...

It's gearing up...I give it until 7:30 and then we'll be wet. Fun! WE need the rain, but shopping in it? Not so much! lol Thanks, I like the mice too! (I worry about the over 65 set and the lactose intolerance...could get ugly! lol)

s'mee said...

Nope. Make that DOWNPOUR as soon as I clicked "post"! Wowzers! It's coming down in full buckets..LOUD rain! At 7:05! Cool!

Rynell said...

We're having a cold, rainy day too. It should turn to snow by morning

Your meal sounds yummy and those mice are absolutely adorable!

maren said...

Cute cute mice. I always love it when you describe the food. It sounds so delicious.

Thanks for your comment. You did confuse me slightly about seeing that star from your house. Not sure what star you are referring to. Is it the lovely one on top of our tree?

I am doing better, which is always something to be grateful for. I much prefer being happy.

s'mee said...

Rynell, You'll just have to dome to CA for the winter! Actually we're very cold today too...wah!

Maren, yes, I was just teasing you about your special star this year! lol

Lolly said...

Oh my friend s'mee! I love these little mice so much I had to go and buy the ingredients to make them at my house too! You rock!