Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Baby Care Center, Safe Harbour for Some, Tip of the Iceburg for Others

One good thing about Disney is they have thought of just about everything. For instance, a baby care center where mommy can safely go to nurse the baby, change a flooding diaper, and also little ones can use a tiny toddler potty sized just for them.

As you can see from the photo, daddy can not. (Is this the saddest photo ever? These guys look as if they have just sent their wife and child down the life boat shoot and into the dark waters of the Atlantic!)

Trust me when I say, depending on the day, the trusted employees can be easily named "Master and Commander", as they will not, even under threat of death, allow anyone save mother and child "under a specific height and age", into the sacred inner sanctum of comfy sofas and changing tables.

I was there this summer with my d-i-l and they would not allow me to go with her to watch her 4 year old while she nursed the baby; I had to take him outside. "Tough noogies". Not even a child crying for his mother would soften these guardians of diapers, bottle warmers, and pint sized porcelain.

So we wait; the forlorn and hopeful. We persons without working mammary and empty diaper bags. And we stare at the seemingly innocent brick facade of separation and loneliness.

Hopefully, like rescue ships on the horizon, our loved ones will return to us. Until then we must console ourselves with a fresh churro from across the street.

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chronicler said...

Your last line give away their ulterior motives! Churros for all!

s'mee said...

Yup. Actually directly across from the Care Center is the only place in the park you can find a corn dog...

for about $9.00 with a drink. lol Sounds like "dad food" to me!

The Pea said...

I think the dad here would have a heart attack to be left alone with my two youngest at Disney while I took twenty minutes to nurse a baby! I don't htink even a corn dog would get him to try to control those two one his own!!

Kate said...

Gosh, that's interesting. So, I guess I would have to change my very nearly 6 year old disabled daughter just on the pavement outside, cos I'm pretty sure she wouldn't make the age requirement, even if she snuck under the height barrier!
Remind me not to go there!!!

s'mee said...

Pea, I thnk there are plenty od dads who feel the same way! lol

Kate, In all actuality I did not interview them about children with special needs, so perhaps there are exceptions, I still stand, however, that they're extremely strict!