Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Has it occurred to anyone else that the writer's strike is in direct opposition to NaBloPoMo? I feel kind of guilty writing everyday.

I guess the big brouhahas is over three main points: a regular raise, dvd sales, and dvd downloads. Essentially they are asking for .04 more than they already receive. I understand that to most of us 4 lousy cents isn't a lot either way to o to get, but we are really talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One may be thinking these writers are greedy, that they all ready make more money than we'll ever see. You're probably correct. However, it was explained to me that the folks who make the cardboard inserts for the dvd makes more off the dvd than the writers. I am not talking the artists, I am talking about the card board . And yes the cardboard folks deserve their share as well, however the whole dvd would not be there if not for the writer in the first place.

Yesterday I was talking with a bio-hazard waste treatment manager from Canada. (Yeah, the line was that long.) He understood (his statement) perfectly why they are fighting for .04. He also said we are a world of skewed perceptions. For instance, his job. If he were to stop doing his job - for one shift - the entire town where he works -and the surrounding areas- would shut down for weeks.

Which brought to mind all kinds of jobs that deserve a better paycheck than those who write, produce, package and benefit from dvd sales.

What is the most important job in your opinion? Who deserves a huge paycheck?

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chronicler said...

You feel guilty for crossing that line? ;-)

All joking aside, I feel it is important to let them have a share of an industry that is moving in the direction they want a slice of...TV and newspapers in general are moving to an internet based delivery system and if they don't get a piece now, they may never be able to, so I understand why they need to take this stand.

Now on the other hand, I don't get the mentality that one should be paid again and again and again for producing a product. Farmers grow the fuel that keep us alive. They only get paid once for their product. Possibly no the best example. Take me, I make a glass plate, sell it to someone, they in turn a few years later, decide to sell it to someone else. Should I participate in that sale? I created the plate. It is my art. Just where do you draw the line?

I think anyone who has to deal in human services like social workers and day care professionals are not ever going to be paid what they should be paid. Firemen and police officers are under that grid also. Someone want to shoot you while you're trying to do your job? What exactly is that worth?

Cody said...

I don't think they are being greedy. Some entertainers have pretty skewed perceptions of what they "deserve" but, for the most part, I think the writers aren't asking for too much.

Anytime I see something like this, or talk of a TV actor not wanting to return for another season, etc., there are always tons of people whining that they are being selfish and than they don't care about the fans... and I don't really understand the idea that someone in the entertainment industry *owes* you something.

s'mee said...

Chronicler, exactly. If the consumer is willing to pay for a service or whatever then I guess it's fair game. I also agree that there are many careers where the pay just does not equal the jobs' importance, I am thinking how much would they have to pay me to work in a sewer for instance?

Cody, I didn't mean to imply either side was greedy, just that the entertainment field is much more highly paid for what they provide in terms of importance in society, and yeah, that is my view, some others may value entertainment as being more important than say, efficient working sewers.

I believe that people should make as much money as the consumer is willing to pay them, however I think the consumers some times have a skewed sense of what is more difficult or important.

The Pea said...

You know if I get charges an extra four cents on my phone bill I call the company and get it back. If you hold enough peoples four cents you get get rich!!

Also there are alot of jobs out there that don't get paid enough. Think of what would happen if trucks stopped rolling even for a few hours (can you tell I'm a truckers wife)

Rynell said...

If I strike, no one has clothes to wear or meals to eat.

Honestly though, I think that teachers should get paid more. I live in an area where teachers are among the very lowest paid professions. And in a state where there are the most kids per family. It makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

Just another perspective on this whole thing - shouldn't I as the consumer get paid? After all if it weren't for the consumption of what they write - they'd be out of a job anyway. Just another reason for me to play outside.