Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Gordon B. Hinckley

President Gordon B. Hinckley passed away this evening. I have been all over the net reading sentiment after sentiment about this great man. The main theme seems to be his devotion to the Lord, his building up of the kingdom, and how bittersweet this passing is on all of us. Bitter for us who will miss his wisdom, enthusiasm, joy, optimism and humour among a thousand other attributes. Sweet, because he will be with his dear Marjorie once more and forever. The official
statement from the church included this:

"President Hinckley was known, even at the age of 97, as a tireless leader who always put in a full day at the office and traveled extensively around the world to mix with Church members, now numbering 13 million in 171 nations.

His quick wit and humor, combined with an eloquent style at the pulpit, made him one of the most loved of modern Church leaders. A profoundly spiritual man, he had a great fondness for history and often peppered his sermons with stories from the Church’s pioneer past.

He was a popular interview subject with journalists, appearing on 60 Minutes with Mike Wallace and on CNN’s Larry King Live, as well as being quoted and featured in hundreds of newspapers and magazines over the years. During the Salt Lake Olympics of 2002, his request that the Church refrain from proselytizing visitors was credited by media with generating much of the goodwill that flowed to the Church from the international event."

and this

" April 2001, President Hinckley initiated the Perpetual Education Fund — an ambitious program to help young members of the Church (mainly returning missionaries from developing countries) receive higher education and work-related training that they would otherwise likely never receive."

The Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune also have articles that highlight his hard working and selfless life.

I will miss his positive inspiration and humour. I really love this man, this Prophet of God. I will write more, for now, this is all I can say.

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Red said...

I am going to miss him too. He's been the only prophet that I've know. I love him for the same reasons you said.

melissa c said...

I knew you would have something on our prophet. Thank you for your beautiful words.

Yolanda said...

SO much to say about this remarkable man...So many attributes...So much love...What an example of life

Rynell said...

I, too, will miss him very much.

1stdaughter said...

The more I read, the more I miss him. Thank you.

Robyn said...

He was such a great person. Your memorial is great.

S'mee said...

Thanks everyone. I think the best thing about President Hinckley was the way he spoke and it seemed he was just talking to you.

I appreciate all of your comments. Thank you again.