Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Little Orphan Annie

When I was about 4 years old our single mother and her four charges made a move to help the struggling brood survive the harsh reality that was our life. We moved in with another single mom and her six children. As you can imagine, ten children, two moms and eventually a young college student to help out, this house full of 13 became frenetic with energy!

A schedule was instituted, chores assigned and rules posted! My mother was nothing if not efficient and she found her ways to motivate. One of which was the following poem. This poem scared the beejeebees out of me. I remembered it by heart for many years, and for anyone interested, no, I never recited this poem to my own children.

Now, for a good scare, during this spooky time, I offer the following: (enjoy!)

Little Orphan Annie

Little Orphant Annie's come to our house to stay,
An' wash the cups an' saucers up, an' brush the crumbs away,
An' shoo the chickens off the porch, an' dust the hearth, an' sweep,
An' make the fire, an' bake the bread, an' earn her board-an-keep;
An' all us other childern, when the supper-things is done,
We set around the kitchen fire an' has the mostest fun,
A-listenin' to the witch-tales 'at Annie tells about,
An' the Gobble-uns 'at gits you
Ef you Don't Watch Out!

Wunst they wuz a little boy wouldn't say his prayers, -
An' when he went to bed at night, away up-stairs,
His Mammy heerd him holler, an' his Daddy heerd him bawl,
An' when they turn't the kivvers down, he wuzn't there at all!
An' they seeked him in the rafter-room, an' cubby-hole, an' press,
An seeked him up the chimbly-flue, an' ever'-wheres, I guess;
But all they ever found wuz thist his pants an' roundabout: -
An' the Gobble-uns 'll git you
Ef you Don't Watch Out!

An' one time a little girl 'ud allus laugh an' grin,
An' make fun of ever' one, an' all her blood-an'-kin;
An' wunst, when they was "company," an' ole folks wuz there,
She mocked 'em an' shocked 'em, an' said she didn't care!
An' thist as she kicked her heels, an' turn't to run an' hide,
They wuz two great big Black Things a-standin' by her side,
An' they snatched her through the ceilin' 'for she knowed what she's about!
An' the Gobble-uns 'll git you
Ef you Don't Watch Out!

An' little Orphant Annie says, when the blaze is blue,
An' the lamp-wick sputters, an' the wind goes woo-oo!
An' you hear the crickets quit, an' the moon is gray,
An' the lightnin'bugs in dew is all squenched away, -
You better mind yer parunts, an' yer teachurs fond an' dear,
An' cherish them 'at loves you, an' dry the orphant's tear,
An' he'p the pore an' needy ones 'at clusters all about,
Er the Gobble-uns 'll git you
Ef you Don't Watch Out!

-James Whitcomb Riley, born Oct. 7, 1849
Happy Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This first photo is a pumpkin stem, but I thought it looked just like those Tim Burton drawings! I can almost see Jack and Sally! I just love these "vintage" faces I found while out and about. Only a few more hours to get your Halloween fix for this year...

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Tuesday Tutorials: Tombstones and Cupcakes

This is Halloween!
Originally uploaded by S'mee

"Fred's Dead, Baby"
Originally uploaded by S'mee

We are down to the wire on those Halloween preparations! So today's tutorials are easy, fast, and best of all CHEAP! We have tombstones that you can personalize and cupcakes that are just fun. For the complete instructions head on over to Tuesday Tutorials!

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Monday, October 29, 2007

NaBloPoMo 2007

O.k. jumping! Whew! That wasn't so bad! Yup folks I am joining the NaBloPoMo, other wise known as a large group of people dedicated to writing a post every single day of November. Wow.

It sounded like a good idea at the time, I have already met new bloggy people and I am interested to see how this goes. I kind of set a goal fro myself to blog at least one post in addition to the daily stuff, but never felt pressure to post on weekends, so that will be different!

Hey why not join me? There are a bunch of different groups and you can show off your photos, videos, and whatever else you can put on the net!

C'mon, you know you want to! You can click the link below or click on the side bar badge and go directly to my NaBloPoMo page.

Visit NaBloPoMo

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You may be a wiener!

o.k. Here we go again! Last weeks wiener was Adan! Adan, come on down and send me your snail mail address so you can get your hands on some elevator music!

The week before was Kate Dell-Smith, Kate I still haven't received your address so pop another e-mail out to me so I can send out your music too!

ONE MORE WEEK TO ENTER! O.k. people we are down to the last few days for the last week prize, PLUS the big doodah at the end o-the-month...Greeting Cards with some fabulous S'mee photos. So send out those ideas!

A new contest is coming, so if you haven't been a wiener, don't be sad, opportunities abound!

and a small aside to let all know we are doing fine, getting back to normal and breathing much easier. However there are still hundreds of families displaced and without homes. Do what you can. Help out in your local areas, become Red Cross certified, donate to reliable charities and generally spread good things wherever you go.

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Halloween At Disneyland

So just a few more days left to go and hang out with all the spookies and ghosties at Disneyland before Halloween has come and gone. All kinds of weird happenings!

Click on the following links to enter sweepstakes and contest from Disney:

Your Halloween Costume could win a trip to Walt Disney World! But hurry, this one ends soon!

$5,000.00 for Holiday spending can be yours just by clicking on their website! click each day...ends November 28

Evidently even Disney wishes lurkers would comment. Their Comment Mania is Disney's way of getting you to interact with other readers and get a chance for a "Disney Page Prize" whatever that is.

Disney Princess
is another "just click" contest to win a Princess type vacation complete with all the princess-y prizes you can think of. There were 20+ prizes to win, one entry per day until Jan.31

All of these prizes are via Disney Insider -a Disney e-mail letter anyone can sign up for, free, and about once a week. Lots of promotions, and fluff, but hey, if you win $5,000.00 for Christmas shopping who cares?

Thor and I will be heading out Thursday for a conference; and because the location is in Anaheim I will be spending quite a bit of my time there (D-land) gathering as many photos, videos, and information as I can. If you have any Disney questions, now is the time to ask!

That's out Mickey Mouse Monday for today!

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The "F" word, and a Thursday link

I remember years ago I was at the Primary President's home having a presidency meeting when her young daughter came into the room and exclaimed: "Mom! Ryan just said the "F" word!" Calmly, yet with much dedication "mommy" left the room and headed down the hall.

During her absence, we still at the table were all doe eyed and wondering what the outcome of this declaration would be. After all, not only was she the Primary President, but the daddy in this home was a counselor in the Bishopric. We at the table were kind of inwardly happy knowing that this proved this family was not as 'perfect' as we all previously had presumed.

A few moments passed by and in walked my friend. Before she even sat down she had the following statement:

"Before anyone gets any grand ideas about the language in this house, the "F" word here is "FINE!". As in, "You need to do your homework" "FINE!", or "Go make your bed please." "FINE!". Ryan said "fine" and she didn't approve. O.k. let's finish this meeting."

And with that we knew, yup, they were perfect.

Now in my house there have been moments of salty language that went a bit further than the occasional "FINE!". That said, There were some words that just got more reprimand than others.

Thor absolutely used to come undone if anyone, including myself, replied with the ever popular, insult implying "DUH!". Seriously offended, he would just stop mid sentence and recoil, allowing the offender to back-step quickly enough to a safe place to begin their flimsy repentant excuse for the slip.

Another faux pas that would stimulate parental ire was the complacent word "whatever". This apathetic response was considered not only rude, but completely void of intelligence and comprehension.

A phrase that could almost tie but at times would be the winner in the "how to make the parental units angry" contest was "I don't know." or it's cousin "I don't care." Such apathy! In the history of our family there is one page that tells the story of #2 son who, upon given a choice of coats for the winter, and asked to choose which he preferred, replied: "I don't care." He was asked once again and even a third time, all with the same response. At that point the coats were placed back on the rack and there wasn't a coat purchased that year for said child. You don't care which coat you want, guess you don't need one badly enough. After having to wear an outgrown coat, the next year you can bet that kid had an opinion.

The ever popular "S" words. "Stupid" in reference to inanimate objects seemed to slither by without too much attention (other than a warning glare), however when said to or about someone it would unleash untold pointed fingers and negative attention, so much so that the offender wouldn't make the same mistake for a good two to three years.

"Suck" was another story. Unless one was talking about the use of a vacuum or straw this word got the adult attention immediately. And not just our own off spring, but anyone 5 years younger than the parental units, would reap the fury of using such a vulgar term. Almost always there would be some ridiculous excuse and explanation to this word's new super powers and how only old people thought it vulgar. These were moot points in our house. It got so bad that eventually our children just got used to saying that bad things "created a huge vacuum." and left it at that.

There is still debate going on over the use of the word "gay". Is this an emotion, a group of people, or an insult?

Now if you will recall, I am a dinosaur. I actually remember the day when "gay" meant happy, joyous, or some other spring-like emotion. I remember the words to children's songs that used "gay" quite a lot! "...when Grandpa comes, we're gay!" "..having a gay heart that sings!..." o.k. At that same time in ancient history homosexuals were given titles such as odd fellows, or queer, because queer -in the dictionary sense- meant odd, unusual, different than the norm...

Then the 80's hit and all the sudden male homosexuals were termed "gay" because they all seemed very happy, joyous, and 'spring-like'.

(and now that I think about it, why just the guys? How come the gals didn't get a cute nickname? Everyone still says "lesbians". Gays and Lesbians. What's up with that? Shouldn't the women have a nickname that reflects their common mood? Maybe gays and handys, 'cause, being very stereo-typical, they seem to be very handy around the house. Who knows, probably will never catch on.)

Well, now "gay" means weird, ridiculous, odd, acting off the mark...o.k. well maybe "gay" is one of those words that has multiple meanings yet one meaning, I don't know anymore. I'm very confused.

Mormon Mommy Wars has a very good post on words and the power they carry... this is the only link for today...things are a little weird here and with all the hustle and bustle this is all I have. Thanks for being so understanding.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Whined It Up Wednesday: 72 Hour kits help...

Maggie wants to know where to store emergency supplies in a small apartment, and Anonymous wants to know about storing fuel. I have a few suggestions, along with alternative fuels you can pick up in your own yard for free! just click here!

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Well, in the video I made a statement that it would probably take a couple of days for the fire to climb over the hill and make it to our side. Guess not. We took #3 out to dinner for her upcoming birthday and as we drove home, the darkness of the evening sky revealed that, yes indeed, the fire has crested the hill and is now making its' way into our valley. We can see the flames quite well. I will let you know where we stand tamale morning. In the meantime, ya'all take care and do what you can to prepare your families for just this kind of situation.

Also, Jamie J. from Flip Flop Momma is extremely near all the fires in San Diego, she has family and friends who have lost their homes already. Please keep her and all of them in your prayers. Thanks.

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emergency preparedness how to

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This week's Weiner!

Ooops! I forgot to post this week's wiener: Kate Dell-Smith! Kate write me a S'mee Mail with your snail mail and I will get a fabulous collection of elevator music right out to ya!

Don't forget folks... You still have two more weeks to enter and win!

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Tutorial Tuesdays! Being Prepared

There has been some talk recently about being prepared, storing food, and being self reliant. Much of this chatter has been questions and answers on "why" all the fuss? What should I do? What should I store? What should I prepare for? A lot of those answers came in the form of "We need to do this in case we are involved in an emergency, financial, or natural disaster situation."

This week California is again on fire. Seems we have a nut case arson out there who lit many fires and, currently as I write this at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, we have:
over 250,000 people in a mandatory evacuation
over 700 homes consumed
and still over 12 fires.

One small community of 36,000 was completely evacuated last night.

I live about 25 miles from the nearest fire to our home. Currently it looks fairly safe for us, although in years past we have been put on evacuation alerts when the fires have been even further away, so you never know.

We, because where we live, have a situation that may or may not be unique in that we are isolated as far as transportation. We literally have 2 roads to the west and one road to the east for commuters to access in and out of our valley. Beyond our valley we rely on one central freeway pass for our main supplies, fuel, food, you name it, it comes up that one pass.

That one pass has been closed for the past 18 hours.

This isn't a huge thing, those of us who have lived here long enough understand that every time there is a fire, snow, or heavy rains chances are the pass will be closed for a number of hours.

Why do we store food, water and other supplies? Because, if like today, the pass is closed, so are all of our fresh or new supplies. We have experienced in the past that it only takes four hours for the food stores to completely clear of their supplies, water, batteries, etc. People begin to panic when it finally occurs to them that they have nothing to sustain them when those trucks can't drive up and stock the shelves.

We are safe, but our supplies are not. They have been cut off for at least a few hours. The community where I live has seen tremendous growth, in the last two years we have probably doubled in size. That means about half the folks here now have no history to follow and will be more than likely unprepared for the situations that happen when the pass closes.

For those of us who have listened to the leaders in both church and state, we have prepared and should be comfortable and fine. For those who have figured they are safe because of the environment we live in, or their financial security, whatever, they will be caught off guard if the roads remain closed for over 24 hours.

Today's tutorial: Get prepared. Do not procrastinate. Do not rely on your financial security, or the facts that you feel it can not happen to you. Try to see down the road and imagine what would happen in your own area if the transportation were cut completely off. If no trucks, trains, or air were able to get to you. How quickly would your supplies diminish?

For detailed ideas on what to store and how to prepare click here!

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mickey Mouse Monday!- Dia De Los Muertos!

¡Disneyland está celebrando a diá de los muertos! Hopefully Babelfish translated that correctly for me! In the patio by the shooting galleries in Frontierland, Disneyland has put up a very vivid, colourful floral display celebrating the Day of the Dead. A Latin American holiday honouring ancestral dead. Want more info and photos on the celebration and nearby Zocalo Restaurant?
click here!

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Sunday Morning with the kids

The last few weeks or so I have been working with the children's chorister and the President of the Primary (children's church) in our ward (congregation) helping them prepare to sing and sign a song for their program next Sunday. This program is called "The Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentation" and then followed by the yearly theme. Most of us call it: "The Best Sunday of the Year".

Each year the children learn Gospel principles and in the last quarter of the year they get to present what they have learned in the Sacrament Meeting (the main worship meeting on Sundays for LDS people). Their program is filled with music and, usually, each child has a speaking part explaining in a sentence or two, what they personally have learned. There are no scripts. The children are asked certain questions and their answers are what is presented. Children, being unpredictable no matter how well rehearsed or practiced, are still the best teachers and the most entertaining.

Our grand son, Mogli, was in his first presentation a month ago. He is 4 years old and went up to the pulpit and almost sang his 'part' in a roller coaster voice of excitement as he proclaimed very clearly and loudly into the microphone: "I am HAAAAAPPY because I get to GOOOOO to CHURCH!" He wasn't too keen on vocally singing, although when I asked him, he replied: "I said my talk gramma and then I sang in my head."

This morning was my last visit in to the Primary room, and it was so lovely and Spirit filled I left in tears. The words they sang were beautiful. They sing about 12 or so songs and they all just gave me goose bumps. The children sang with much expression and joy. I am really blessed that get to help them out with one song. The words to the song we get to sign are:

If you don't walk as most people do, some people walk away from you.
But I won't. I won't.

If you don't talk as most people do, some people talk and laugh at you.
But I won't. I won't.

I'll walk with you. I'll talk with you. That's how I'll sow my love for you.

Jesus walked away from none. He gave His love to everyone.
So I will. I will.

Jesus blessed all He could see, then turn and said, "Come follow Me."
So I will. I will.
I will. I will.

I'll walk with you, I'll talk with you.
That's how I'll show my love for you.

The English to this song is awesome enough, but when you see the ASL and read it literally the words have even more meaning:

If you walk different, some people walk away from you.
I won't. I won't.

If you talk different, some people gossip and mock you.
I won't. I won't.

I will go to you, walk with you side by side. I will approach you for conversation.
My actions will show I love you.

Jesus walked away from none. He gave His love to everyone.
I will. I will be the same as God Jesus.

Jesus blessed everyone. Then He God said, Come, follow me.
I will. I will follow Him. I will be the same as God Jesus. I will.

I will go to you, walk with you side by side. I will approach you for conversation.
My actions will show I love you.

These little kids, 3 years old to 12, were so amazingly beautiful with their expression as they learned to sign this song. And today as they stood to practice one last time before their presentation next Sunday, wow, they blew me away. You could really feel the Holy Spirit in the room and their sweet dedication to do as they had learned. What a Sunday lesson.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Field Trip Friday, The Getty, and C.A.S. in 'Frisco

Field trip this week will take you to L.A. and San Fransisco.

The Getty is absolutely fabulous! First off, it's FREE! Second it's beautiful. Third, there is always something new and interesting going on. This weekend we have the Family Festival!

Will you be in the Bay Area this weekend? Then we have a nice trip planned for you out at The Steinhart Aquarium.

For all the fun details click here!

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Let's Make Up ---part duex!

Holy Hannah! The tech-y gods are after me! I totally biffed the whole link-up this morning. So if you went there and it didn't work (meaning there wasn't anything there...duh!) well they links are up now! Whoot!

Trust me - they are fantastic for ideas and techniques... go!

Halloween is the time for make up; and do I have some links for you!

Links for the beginner mummy or daddy to videos of professionals doing their best work. Terrific stuff. Scars, bruises, monsters, vampire eyes, you name it!

Panacea 81 has video tutorials on Fabulous Eyes! This woman is adorable, very unpretentious, and she demos her eye make up versions via her love of MAC cosmetics. Very dramatic! (After reading more about her I found out she is an "eye model"...and I believe it!)

If you'd like to "link up" click here!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday Afternoon Theatre-

The following is a small narration. To make it even more exciting please use the following voices in your head while you read the green and orange parts.
Green = A nice dull Ben Stine impression - think "Bueller...Bueller..."
Orange = Let's do your best Marie Barone - you know, Raymond's mom

Have you ever been in a situation where a random -yet specific- question was thrown out to you and those in the room you are in? Something like, "Introduce yourself and tell us ONE colour you really hate."

The circle of folks begin their responses. (cue party music)

"My name is Ophelia and I can't stand beige."
"My name is Prudence and I detest lavender."
"Hi, I'm Eliza and I am not a huge fan of turquoise."

Then comes this:

"I'm Ethel and.." "Ethel is my daughter, I'm Ursula and I know Prudence. We played polo together as children. And this is Armando, he's my husband."

(Armondo has sat in the same position for the last 15 minutes as if he were the lead in "Awakenings" [catatonic])

"um, I'm Ethel. I went to Westminster Central Park three years ago. It was right when they were building the new Greek pavilion and I lived right there you know. And..." "And she was there when the Prime Minister of Guava Imports was there to bless the Guava crops near by." "well yeah, I was there, and then, but I lived right there you know? And then the Prime Minister of Guava Imports came to bless the crops and he had his Ambassador of Roots and Shoots with him and well if you all remember that was when the Ambassador got sick."
- -tiny side bar- - this is when pretty much everyone in the room began to look around at each other in an uncomfortable "where are the exits?"- way, a slight pause and then...
"Well he got sick, came home and DIED! You remember how he DIED? Yeah, it was right then and I was there then, and then he DIED!"
--well o.k. then, moving right along--
"She was, she was right there when it was happening. You know -when the Ambassador got sick and DIED! Strange huh? Yes, well, like I said I'm Ursula, and she's my daughter and, what was I supposed to hate?"

That was my party last night. Dang if I don't know how to throw 'em! Call me if you ever need a good getting-to-know-you game. Then again, perhaps there are folks we just don't want to know too much about. ugh!

originally posted in 2005. reposted today because I am having a few tech-difficulties. enjoy the rerun!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How many wheat fields had to die for this?

Tuesday Tutorial is below this post.

This post will be a primer on the ridiculous. Yesterday I met with a good friend and we did some shopping, and had some lunch. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and after seeing the lengthly menu, I was overwhelmed. My friend made her choice, and confused at what to choose, I picked the first thing on the page I was currently viewing; a chicken pot pie. It seemed a benign choice at best and I figured I could have something to more exciting to write about later, during dinner. I was wrong.

bigger than your fist
Originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

The waitress took our order, gave us our drinks and casually asked if we would care for bread while we waited. My friend responded in the positive and soon a basket with delicious pumpernickel and sour dough slices was at our table.

After a few minutes I saw an odd look on my friend's face and turned to see what she was grimacing at. The waitress was headed our way with what looked like an alien invasion of Phyllo puffed pastry. She whispered to herself, "Please let that be for someone else, just keep walking..." No such deal. The mother ship had landed. Laughter began as giggles and eventually burst forth as we took in the enormity of the puffed pastry atop the chicken "pie". This this is larger than my hand, Larger than my head!

I like bug buns
Originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

My first reaction was, "This is why 3rd world nations hate us!" Which was followed immediately by, "This is why America is FAT!" Look at the size of this thing!

"It's takes a feeds a village!"
"Does this qualify the waitress for workmen's comp?"
"If it hovered we could use it for Mars Attacks 2."
"It could frighten small children and elderly ladies."
"I like big buns and I cannot lie!...even white boys gotta shout!"
"APNews: Entire Pillsbury Dough Boy's Family Wiped Out At Local Restaurant. Witnesses report, "He has no enemies, although his ego has been inflated lately.""
"If only I had a Flint-mobile and a rack of Stegosaurus to hang on the outside of my car window..."
"Change this photo to black and white and you have the original first wheel."
"Does this lunch make my bun look big?"
"Can I have a U-HAUL car top carrying case instead of a doggy bag?"
"If I punched a small hole I could wear it like phyllo dough turban!"
"Forget Ninja Stars, throw this at the bad guy."
"You could use this like Captain America's shield!"
"Having an affair at work? Take your someone special to Cheesecake Factory for lunch and hide behind this. Your secret is safe!"
"Need to find out enemy secrets? Force them to eat this or tell. You'll be Head of the C.I.A. in no time!"

What was the waitress thinking when she asked us (knowing we had order the above monster) if we wanted bread? Was she kidding? Do they make bets everyday on what idiot will order the chicken pot pie and become the object of conversation in the restaurant? Seriously, the folks around us were laughing as well. One gal leaned over and asked us what "it" was! I have to admit the comment about the Flint-mobile came from one lady who thought it belonged to Fred Flintstone! It's nice when your lunch (normally a lighter meal of the day) is a party starter! Need to get a conversation going at your next event? Call the Cheesecake Factory and order this baby! Oh My HECK!

(originally posted back in 2005, however the I met with the same friend yesterday, Chronicler, and we went to the C.F. for lunch...we had a good laugh remembering and I thought you would too!)

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Tutorial Tuesdays! A Holiday Chair Scarf for beginners

I love to dress my table every day and especially for the holidays. I found this fabric and it called to me! So I put my sewing machine to work to make a matching clothe and chair scarves! I think it will really make the coming holiday very nice.

The tutorial for today is a quick easy way to dress up a chair, and the instructions are basic, no fuss, none perfect beginner level. It uses sewing, but if you need to glue it that should work, just not as nicely, nor not as soft and flexible when tying on the chair. You can find the tutorial
here, along with a video presentation!

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Mickey Mouse Monday! Finding Nemo Subs!

Thor and I decided to make a pilgrimage to check out Finding Nemo Submarine Adventure, or whatever it is called....Finding Nemo.

Replacing (finally) the pond and subs that have been there stagnate for years. With a new bright yellow paint job and plenty of hype, we wondered...

Is the Finding Nemo ride worth the wait? click here to find out more

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Sunday, October 14, 2007


Just a few photos to get you through the weekend and into Monday. Enjoy!

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Friday, October 12, 2007

You may be a wiener!

Yes folks, we have a wiener!

The amazing Pea! Pea actually was second in numbers of entries, however the elevator gods must be with her tonight as she is the lucky recipient of this weeks c.d.mix! Wahoo! So, Pea, go to the mailbox one more time and send me your snail mail address and that c.d. will be on it's way!

Don't let this stop you from writing it, I keep all entries and at the end of the month everyone gets another try. So keep those cards and letters coming!

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I think we're ready....

You know you've been away a day too long when you come home after being gone two days to find that your porch has been invaded and completely overgrown with the Morning Glories. Holy Hannah! These puppies are growing INTO the house! Between the rain, the wind, and whatever is going on in those plants my porch is definitely ready for Halloween!

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Basic Groveling

TWO MORE HOURS FOLKS! This weeks contest ends at 10:00 p.m. pacific.
Don't forget to send me a "S'mee Mail" -------------------------------->
Click that link if you have forgotten...time's a wasting folks, get those cards and letters in the mail now!

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Field Trip Friday! Live Oak Canyon Farms

Autumn is upon us and let me tell you, there is no better place to have a fun FREE field trip than Live Oak Canyon Farms in Redlands, CA. Directly off the "10" just east of San Bernardino, this farm and all it has to offer, again for FREE!, is well worth the drive. want more info and photos?

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Technorati Profile

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Sweet S'mee Linkage- Flickr Pools

Hehe! "Links" get it? So here we are in our first official capacity as linkage! Here what we have today:

Autumn/Fall/Halloween Flickr! Group has some amazing photos, Some scenery, some spooky and this one takes my breathe away, from Mailman who just got a place in my personal favorites! Whoo!

You all know I got into hearts and finding them out and about a few weeks ago... hey they have a Flickr! pool for that also! This is fabulous in so many ways I can't tell you via I see Hearts Flickr! pool.

Flickr! has so many different themed pools I could spend all day just searching! I really like this one! via Faces in Places Flickr! pool. (Oh, and btw, Chronicler has recently joined this group. Be the first to write back in the comments and describe her "face" to S'mee and receive another chance at those fabulous gifts and prizes! No, sis, you are exempt form this particular contest!)

So that's all for today folks. It may not seem like much, until you get started, then watch out. You may be looking at these wonderful photos all day long!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

not that I expect an answer....

But what the heck is going on with the ol' gal-mones???

A few years back I got the ol' girl parts yanked, and life began to be good again, I highly recommend it to anyone! Yes, even guys, it was THAT GREAT!

So the dr. was all like, "Well now you will either go on HRT or be thrust into mental pause.", to which I said, "BRING IT ON!"
It was like...

Saturday: Get girl parts yanked. check!

Sunday: Sleep like the dead. check!

Monday: keep sleepin' girl, ya just got yer girl parts yanked. check!

Tuesday: Feel like you are twenty, with a bad case of the saggies, but hey, you feel like you're twenty who cares what you look like. check!

Friday: Maybe you should take your magic pills and see what they're all about. check!

Saturday: Find a brain surgeon to put your skull back together because the pain induced from the HRT s are freaking giving you the head ache of all freaking time and you are now allowed to kill any one or anything in your path. check!

Sunday: stay in a dark room with a bag of frozen peas on your head and pray to Rudy the pain stops. check!

Monday: Praise any and all Deities for allowing the dr. to be at her desk when you call and ask "What the heck is up with the happy pills? These things are killing me?" When she replies "You can decrease the amount until the headaches go away." You can do an interpretive dance expressing your joy. check!

Fast forward a week or so. We have decided that the best HRT is a dead HRT and they are banned from entering the property line, never to be seen again.

Now it is about 18 month or so past that time and once again I am getting the familiar ax in the eyeball headaches. Sweet Mother of Pearl what the HECK?

I have heard this whole mental pause thing is supposed to last about 3-5 years. Can anyone, for the love of PETE tell me an E.T.A. on these headaches ending?

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Whined it up Wednesdays! -Baby Crack -

Welcome to the first edition of Whined it up Wednesdays! Today's fare comes from a new Mommy.

Dear S'mee,

I am expecting my first baby in December. Already my sister in law and Mother in law are giving me "helpful" parenting advice. One example is in their family pacifiers are not allowed. They want me to just nurse the baby each time he cries. They say this will help bond the baby whereas the pacifier will give the baby "Billy Bob Teeth" and too much dependence on something other than me. What did you do? What should I do?

Sign me,

P-O'd in Provo

Dear P-O'd,

In laws can be very helpful to be sure, however sometimes you need to let them know you are up to the task, whatever that task may be. Just remember they are your hubby's family and will be with you FOR EV ER! So play nice.

As far as I can recall, a pacifier won't cause damage to baby teeth or mouth development. But yeah, they become like Baby Crack. Back in the day I would have paid any amount of money to keep that crack in the house. The only exception is if your pediatrician suspects nipple confusion, in which case, stinks to be you, and the baby will be off all but one source for satisfaction.

Other than that, I think a baby will take the pacifier if and when they want. Babies have a way of calling the shots, and this is no exception. By the time they are a year old however, they are beginning to really like the pacifier. There are a couple of options depending on your preferences.

On their one year birthday, S'mee threw out all bottles, pacifiers, and yup even the sippy cups. My kids had learned by them to drink from a glass. The trick there is very little liquid at a time. But that's another post. They were not happy to be sans pacifier, but the habit left swiftly and after a looong week, we were fine. Really. Yeah. We were! (Be firm! You can do this!)

Another option is to wait until a certain age. A few months prior to that date you can begin telling your little one about the "ninny" faery, or whatever you call the danged thing. The faery comes on that date, takes all the pacifiers and leaves a treat of your deciding. All done. Kind of like the tooth faery.

Or you can let your child decide when to give it up. Although I have seen many a toddler with a pacifier dangling from their mouth. This is hard to speak through (and yes, this does cause speech delays) and also the older they are the more difficult it will be to give it up. So you may want to think about how much your little guy is depending and using his pacifier, if he should be learning words and talking, and just how difficult this habit will be for him to break.

As far as depending on someone other than you for all his needs, well, um, yeah he's going to need to do that! This is where daddy, gramma, siblings, the dog and that irritating lady at church come in handy. Your child will learn to depend on, and trust, all kinds of folks. You don't want him screaming with fear every time your sister in law comes over now do you? Tell her he needs to bond with her also.

So there you go. O.k. people, I need more letters! Let see that s'mee mail fill up! That's it for this week.

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Tutorial Tuesdays! A Car Accident Kit

So here we are on the very first Tuesday Tutorial and I can't get blogger to accept my videos. ugh. So to appease the "Do-it-yourself"ers out there in bloggerville I offer you this:

Straight Sided Triangular Cosmetic Bag I love this idea. So cute because if you sew, this can be the start of many great gifts. You can customize a bag and give it to your best girlfriend!

I also thought it would be a great idea for a car accident kit. Drop in a disposable camera to capture damages, a pad and 2 pencils/pens for jotting down pertinent details(one for you, one for the other party) - see below; and a envelope for important papers.

Your bag should include a page with the following reminders:

Your car license plate number.

Vehicle Identification Number.


Registration Info: Owner's address and phone numbers.

Driver Info: Name, address, phone numbers, Driver's License Number, Insurance numbers and info, Expiration dates, Date of Birth

Insurance Info: Name on proof of insurance, Relationship to Driver, Insurance Company and Agent, Policy Number, Insurance Phone Numbers.

Passengers in Your Car Info: Passenger 1: Name , Phone, Address, Where seated?, And so on for each passenger.

Repeat the above information for the other car.

Other Info to collect:
Time and date of Accident.
Accident Location.
Witnesses and Info: Name, Phone Number, Address
Repeat for as many witnesses as available.

Brief description of accident.
Weather conditions.
Road conditions.
Estimated speed at the time of accident.
Estimated seed of the other car at the time of the accident.

Police Report:
Responding Department.
Responding Officer Name and Badge Number.
ASK How do I get a copy of the report?

Include a "WHAT DO I DO NOW?" sheet:
5 simple rules to remember:

1. Make sure everyone is o.k.
If there are no serious injuries, move the cars to the side of the road and out of the way of traffic. If you cannot move STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE until help arrives (if it is safe to do so). Put your hazard lights on if they still work. Place cones, flares or other safety markers out if you have them to warn oncoming traffic. If there are any injuries that require medical attention, call 911 immediately.

2. Stay Calm.
Take a deep breathe and try to relax, you survived this far, it will be o.k.

3. Call the police.
Report the accident and see if you need to or should file a report at the scene.

4. Fill out your car accident kit information.
Give the other driver their copies and ask them to fill them out and return them to you. Fill out your info and give them their copy. Take accurate photos, and from as many angles as possible and of both vehicles.

5. Contact your Insurance Company.
Report the claim to your insurance company using the information you collected from the scene.

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Mickey Mouse Monday!

Halloween is upon us, even over at Disneyland. According to their flyer:

"Mickey's Halloween Treat is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween Disney Style!" A private costume party for little kids where they can play with the characters, ride the attractions, participate in interactive games, listen to "spirited" music, and trick or treat as they roam through California Adventure.

They are advertising a "new nightly character cavalcade", although I haven't been there to experience or give a review, yet.

Dates for this event are:
October 4, 11, 18, 25, 30, and 31 6:30 - 10:30 p.m.
October 5, 12, 19, and 26 7:30 - 11:30 p.m.

You can pre purchase tickets for a reduced price at DISNEYLAND.COM/MHT or by calling (714) 781-4400. Doing so will save you $10.00 per person!

Prices are $29.00 per person advance order or $39.00 at the door the night of the event. There is limits on how many guests may attend the event, so they suggest pre-sale tickets.

ALSO: Be it noted that although they are in full swing with the holiday, YOU MAY NOT WEAR YOUR COSTUME INTO DISNEYLAND PARK. wah! That said, we saw plenty of little princesses and Peter Pans, pirates, and such, the day we were there, so who knows how they decide what exactly is a "costume".

New Orleans Square is all dolled up for the holiday. The Haunted Mansion is open for spooky fun with "The Nightmare Before Christmas" decor all about. This is one of my favorite times of the year. The story line and design is awesome, I love Tim Burton and Disney does it right. Jack Skelington is fabulous. The decorations should run through early January.

Out in Adventure Land, Woody's Halloween Roundup is celebrating with "tricks, treats, live stage adventures, sing-alongs, crafts, cookie decorating, and more!"

Woody's Halloween Adventures: Daily 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Woody's (regular?) Adventures: Daily 11:00 a.m., 12:00, 1:00, 2:45, 3:45, 4:45 p.m.

The Parade of Dreams begins nightly at 7:00 on Main Street.

Jedi Training Academy in Tomorrow Land: Daily 10:30, 11:35 a.m., 12:40, 2:25, 3:30, 4:35 p.m.

Disney Princesses will enjoy:

Princess Royal Walk: 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Royal Coronation: 11:30 a.m., 12:30, 2:15, 4:00, 5:00 p.m.
Royal Crafts: 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Story Telling by a Princess: 10:55 a.m., 12:05, 1:45, 4:30 p.m.
All in Fantasy Land

On Tom Sawyer's Island: Become a Pirate! Search for treasure, take the pirate oath, and live like a pirate all day long! The Pirate's Lair runs daily: 11:00 a.m. -6:00 p.m., last raft leaves for the island at 5:30 p.m. Get there early.


Mickey at his house in Toon Town. Minnie strolling Toon Town 'till 6:00 p.m.
Whinnie the Poop (to most toddlers, Pooh to the rest of us) and all his friends hang out near his ride in Critter Country, just beyond Splash Mountain. 11:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Princesses in Fantasy Land 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Buzz Lightyear in Tamale (tomorrow) Land 10:00, 11:00 a.m., 12:00. 2:45, 3:45, 4:45 p.m.

Fast Passes are only available for the following rides:
Autopia, Big Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, Roger Rabbit, Splash Mountain.

Also, the River Belle Terrace restaurant is completely boarded up and closed for renovations currently. It is supposed to reopen late October/November with an all new menu???

Coming next week: Finding Nemo Subs! review.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

"10 things I splurge on, 10 things I save on" meme

Mustang Sally! tagged me with this meme about a week ago... her answers were great, but I have to admit this was a hard one for me to answer! I think it would have been better if I had Thor answer for me, I am sure he could have the answers in a snap! But here I go....

The splurging, probably more than I care to admit. But I do splurge on:

Fresh food and certain brands. I am a food snob as it were. I grew up on bland English fare and a lot of canned and boxed items in everyday meals. When I got married things changed in a big way!

Fresh flowers. I enjoy fresh flowers weekly. I purchase them at Costco or the Farmer's Market here in town, so I feel like I am saving on them... so maybe this is a toss up.

Chocolate. I love me some good stuff here as well. I can't handle the kinds of chocolate that has a gritty texture, a mouth feel of actual sugar, or rock hard. I want creamy goodness. I prefer Swiss and Belgian, Godiva or See's in the States.

At this point I am stumped. I asked Thor for his opinion and he said "Chocolate, and you get upset if we don't have hubcaps, but regular hubcaps are o.k." I said, "Oh, what about shoes? Now that I am old I like good shoes." He replied: "You don't have nice shoes. You really don't splurge on anything. How many shoes do you have? Three pair of ugly shoes. You don't splurge."

I love Thor.

What do I save on?

Clothes. I have a few certain brands I like. I wait for sales. I never pay retail. I usually wait until a catalog/company/store tells me they are giving me 35% or better off before I purchase. Which explains why I dress the way I do! hah!

Make up. I never wear any.

My hair. I get a trim every once in a while, from a friend who gives me her "family discount", then begs me to let her dye it and all kinds of other stuff I never do.

Drapes, table linens, duvet covers, that kind of thing I usually just make myself. Furniture. Everything I have has either been pre-owned or bought at a terrific sale. The leather cigar chair and ottoman was originally over $800.00 and I waited, and eventually got it for less than $300.00. Same for the new dining table. It was like buying the chairs and getting the table for free. I did barter for the desk, entertainment unit and amoire, have grampa's dressers and side tables, and bargain hunted for the sofa, love seat and tuxedo chair. I decided a few years ago that if I didn't paint it or shoot it, it shouldn't be on my walls, so all wall decor is hand made my me or the family.

Utilities. We have a very low maintenance yard (front and back) and we try to conserve on all the utilities year round.

o.k. Now I am curious about:







the Penders
the Jensens

Tag're it!

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Idiot Box Meme

I've been tagged by Lolly! Who asks the following:

1. What TV show have you seen every episode of?
EVERY episode?? I Love Lucy, The Flintstones, Yes Dear. Andy Griffith, Leave it to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet. And all of those via re-runs. Oh, and "Life with the Kumbai" as it aired. Totally dug it.

2. What show makes you laugh until you cry? certain episodes of Seinfeld, the cartoons listed below (I am hearing "Oatmeal Oatmeal..." being sung in my head as I type) although I am not sure I "cried."

3. What show do you wish had not been canceled?
The Muppet Show (I had forgotten about this, but I totally agree with Lolly) Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid. All terrific kid type shows that made me laugh along with the offspring.

4. What show do you wish WOULD be canceled?
Most adult cartoons. And Ann Coulter. And yes, all of the free world will hate me for this, but all of those C.S.I. type shows. Murder and violence are not entertainment in my book. I don't care that they find the bad guy and use 'state of the art technology!'; constantly showing mutilated, tortured, raped, strangled, or otherwise dead (usually) women, usually in some form of undressed mispositioned bodies, is desensitizing to the soul. The reality of these "detectives" is questionable at best. No detective in her/his right mind would investigate some of those scenes without the use of gloves, masks, eye shields/barriers, and without thousands of dollars of taxpayer money. Not gunna happen. That, and in a tight white tank top with silicone cleavage bulging out, long hair dangling over the corpse? yeah. That is typical of all the cops I know.

5. Who is your favorite TV character, either past or present? Sheriff Andy Taylor, who allowed people to grow while saving face. About as real as a C.S.I. agent I suppose, but a better role model in my opinion. I'm sure there are others, but off the top of my head I'd say Andy.

I would like to tag





and Susan

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Friday, October 05, 2007

In over my head....

New Orleans Square.
Standing in line waiting to find Nemo.
One of the stained glass ceilings in the Plaza Inn restaraunt.
One of the many chandeliers in the Crystal Arcade.

Colourful lights strung across the patio at the Main Street intersection.

Just a few over head shots from Disneyland.

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Prickly Situation

As I was out and about yesterday I drove down a particular street dotted with older homes. Most of them had fences; wood, chain link, and split rail....and one ingenious family planted their security fence. How cool is this? A row of tightly planted cactus. I don't know anyone foolish enough to go through that barrier!

The first group of cactus was chocked so full of prickly pears that it looked like a decorated Christmas tree! The trunk on this old boy was thick and fat and resembled a regular woody truck of any ol' tree. Probably a good two feet in diameter, this guy was well over ten feet tall. I had to just stand and reach to get this shot. (You can tell by the angle of those pears just how high this cactus was! Arms' reach and a little telephoto!) There were plenty of pears lower, I just loved the vivid yellow clump so close to the ripened deep salmon-y pink pears! Very pretty!

And the flower! One soloist of beauty peaking all that spikiness. Such a glorious flower, almost six inches across and so bright white that my limited camera and skills were going crazy just trying to get it on film! Can you see that halo of light around the flower in the third photo? Wow.

I'm sure that the travelers passing by had a good story to tell once they got to their destinations about the nut-case woman standing in all kinds of goofy ways to get her shot! Those last three shots were completely blind takes! I had gotten myself as high as my stumpy little legs would take me and just thrust my hand as high as it could go and clicked away hoping for some luck.

The last three photos are completely unedited. I adore that green and yellow center! The green is freaking amazing! Can you see the tiny stamens peeking out from underneath the second layer of petals? I am in love with this flower.

Lesson for the day: Always carry your camera with you. Never be afraid to make an idiot out of yourself for a good shot!

Hint for the day: If you want to see something really amazing on the actual photo and it will take you to the photo in a very large format. So large that you can almost taste the sugar on the petals! Cool.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Contest with Fabulous Gifts and Prizes!

Are you ready contestants? Monte here, looking for new blogging readers and moooooore comments. In my effort to do this I am throwing around a few ideas to have on a daily basis along with the regular fabulousity I normally have.

Beginning soon I will be posting:

Mickey Mouse Mondays: Everything you need and want to know about a trip to the "Happiest Place on Earth." Got questions or ideas? I want them!

Tutorial Tuesdays: A tutorial every Tuesday! Want to know how to pack your parachute? Join the Air Force! But if you have wanted to learn a craft or whatever, send a shout out and I will either make the tutorial myself or try to send out a link that has the info you need. (now let's be reasonable here... anything involving math and or physics will just get a good belly laugh)

Whined Up Wednesdays: This is your opportunity to whine to S'mee and get all my Gramma wisdom, or lack thereof! Ask away! Whatever you wanna know, we'll get to the bottom of it.

Think About it! Thursdays: Terrific links to the world! Wow! Find that on another blog! O.k., swing a cat and hit a blog with links, but hey, now I'm another one! Do you have a particular subject you want "link researched"? Drop a line and I'll drop a link!

Field Trip Fridays: Remember the yearly field trip you went on in grade school? Yeah baby! Every Friday I will find some place really awesome to visit... and the goal here is FREE ADMISSION! (or minimal entrance fees... let's face it, fun costs sometimes.) Do you have a destination city? A theme? An age group? Facts I need to know if I'm going to help you out!

Here's the small print: (which is much better read with a cheesy announcer voice in your head)

1.Use the link to "S'mee Mail" on the side bar and drop me a letter with your suggestions, your questions, your wants and needs, your bank account numbers and pin i.d. The more letters, the higher your chances of winning! Put the day of the week in the subject header or it may get deleted!

2. Tell your friends, send them here and tell them to comment! Make sure to tell them to comment that YOU sent them. Both you and they will be added to the contest!

3. Lather. Rinse. Repeat! Once you win weekly you are automatically added to the end-o-the month drawing! woo hoo!

Once a week, for the next month (or so) I will randomly draw a letter from each category and the winner will receive a S'mee Music Mix!!!

(pausing to allow those who know my taste in music to stop laughing)

ahem, o.k. Once a month those same winners names will be tossed about and one winner will receive a collection of home made photo cards! (some of S'mee's famous photos to share with your snail mail friends!) Yes, it's true. And it doesn't get much better than that!

So tell your friends! Share the news, and spread the wealth!

Help S'mee, help you!

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"Project Noah"

Someone in our ward did a little on line search and found "Project Noah", a month long plan designed to help families start a storage program and not become overwhelmed with it. This is supposed to be about $5.00 per week, very manageable, and fairly painless! I went to ASK and got this web page, I am assuming it is the same program our ward is participating in. Project Noah

Provident Living is another great resource to get free reliable information on self reliance and preparedness.

This is a year long food storage and emergency preparedness program. It is designed to help you set and obtain goals in the area of family preparedness and self reliance. This is a suggested food and emergency kit schedule for one year --- starting with basic supply then emergency and finally expanded basic food supply (as given in Essentials of Home Production and Storage). If you follow it you will have one month's supply for 1-2 people. If you do not like an item on the list feel free to substitute. You can double, triple, or half the purchases according to your families needs, and your finances. There is also a weekly to do list to remind you of things to check around your home. Approximate cost is $5.00 per week.

Week 1: At least 7 gallons of water. Hint: Water storage may be in plastic bottles, to which bleach may be added if the purity of the water is in question. (generally l/2 tsp per five gallons if water is clear or 1. tsp. per five gallons if water is cloudy.) In case of emergency, the water in water beds, water heaters, toilet tanks, and cisterns may be purified and used.

Week 2: 15 Pounds of good wheat. 'Hint: People who have small homes with limited storage space should prepare the best they can for emergencies. Basic food items often can be stored in rather limited space. Closets, attics, and space under beds can be used S'mee's suggestion: We used a large lawn and leaf trash can (new) that had wheels . After filling, turn the lid upside down and cover the lid with a very stiff piece of cardboard or thin wood cut to cover the shape of the lid. Cover that with a table clothe that goes to the floor. You can use this as a tall side table near the door.

to store food. It is wiser to have food storage sufficient for only a few weeks or months than to have no storage at all.

Week 3: 1 large box or ten envelopes of instant milk: Hint: Make sure you have, enough bedding to keep each person warm if there were no other heating supplies.

Week 4: 10 pounds Rice. Hint: Check that you have sufficient clothing (that fits) for one year (or fabric and necessities for sewing clothing).

Week 5: 4 pounds Sugar. Hint: S'mee's suggestion: It never hurt anyone to store their favorite goody. Nice hard candy or m&ms, a good book, some colouring books and fresh crayons to keep little ones happy, you get the idea.

Week 6: 1 large jar of honey. Hint: Double check flashlight and battery supply.

Week 7: 8 ounces of Salt. Hint: Evaluate family preparedness, set goals for the coming year and seek to obtain them.

Week 8: One bottle of vegetable oil or one can of shortening. Hint: Double check emergency supplies for baby, are diapers and clothing going to fit? Formula? (even nursing moms should make sure there is formula available),

Week 9: 5 pounds legumes (beans & peas). Hint: Have backyard campout to practice emergency skills. (good opportunity to check out warm bedding).

Week 10: Coal, wood, briquettes, propane, matches, candles for cooking and light. Hint: Make buddy burner. Cut strips of corrugated paper in 1 ½ in widths. Roll each strip tightly and fit in a tuna fish can. Pour melted paraffin wax in the can so that it soaks the paper and fills the remaining space. Each can will burn for 1 ½ to 2 hours!

Week 11: Dish Soap. Hint: Store extra prescription medication with the words "Emergency use only"

Week I 2: 2 bars of body soap per person. Hint: If you have a fireplace double-check to make sure flue is clear and the fireplace is clean and can be used without danger. S'mee's suggestion: A fireplace is no use without fuel, store some wood.

Week I 3: 1 gallon bleach. Hint: Learn how to "Protect your Home against Fire,".

Week I 4: Bandages. Hint: Make sure you have emergency provisions for pets. Standard First Aid Supplies: adhesive tape, ammonia, antibiotic ointment, bicarbonate of soda, calamine lotion, diarrhea remedy, elastic bandages, gauze bandages, hot water bottle, hydrogen peroxide, ipecac syrup (induces vomiting), knife, matches, measuring cup, medicine dropper, needles, paper bags, razor blades, rubbing alcohol, safety pins, scissors, soap, thermometer, triangular bandages, tweezers, first aid book, prescription medications, consecrated oil. First aid kits and supplies should be checked and replenished regularly. All supplies should be labeled and organized for fast use.

Week I 5: First aid cream and tape, cotton balls and ace bandage. Hint: An important emergency precaution is to have tetanus immunizations up to date - at least every 10 years.

Week I 6: Year supply of garden seeds rich in Vitamin A&C appropriate for area (no hybrid). Hint: Every yard has space for a garden. Part of the lawn, play area, or flower garden may be converted to a garden. Vegetables may be grown in window boxes or pots. Plant the garden where it will receive at least 4 - 6 hours of direct sunshine each day. The soil should drain well, and an adequate source of water should be available.

Week I 7: Hydrogen peroxide and alcohol. Hint: Learn First Aide and "Treating Bleeding".

Week I 8: Obtain bag or duffel for 72 hour kit, Hint: Each family or individual should have portable container(s) with emergency supplies such as the following: water, food requiring no refrigeration or cooking (graham crackers, canned fruits, canned meats), medications and critical medical histories required by family members, change of clothing, including 2 pairs of stockings; sanitary supplies; first aid booklet and equipment; candles; matches; ax; shovel; can opener; and blanket. The container should be placed where it can be picked up at a moment's notice.

Week I 9: Buy 3 cans tuna and 3 cans pork and beans for 72 hour kit. Hint: Put together a first aid kit for the car.

Week 20: 1 Ib. Box of crackers sealed in plastic for 72 hour kit. Hint: Teach family how to treat shock victims.

Week 2 1: 1 Ib. Dried fruit & beef jerky (apples, pineapple, apricots, bananas etc.) for 72 hour kit.

Hint: Try drying the fruit yourself and making jerky by slicing thin and placing-on low heated oven overnight.

Week 22: 48 oz., canned orange or tomato juice for 72 hour kit. Hint: Post emergency numbers at all phones in the house.

Week 23: 1 Ib. Peanut butter for 72 hour kit. Hint: Try to cook for 3 days from your food storage. S'mee's suggestion: One way to insure you rotate you supply and keep it fresh is to make one day's meals each week from your storage.

Week 24: 1 gallon of water for 72 hour kit. Hint: Learn"Water Safety".

Week 25: ½ lb. Nonfat dry milk. Hint: Obtain container for first aid kit for 72 hour kit. S'mee's suggestion: Depending on how large your kit needs to be this can be as small as a #10 can or as large as a 33 gallon trash can with wheels. When we had all 5 kids at home we used the trashcan. We filled it, sealed it with the lid, then placed it near the garage door for easy removal if needed.

Week 26: Obtain change of clothing that fits for 72-hour kit. Hint: Decide how you will“Cope with Blackouts”. S'mee's suggestion: Get a sweat shirt and sweat pants for each member of the family along with socks, unders, etc. The extra layer will help.

Week 27: Buy peaches & berries from store or U-pick farms. Hint: Bottle (or learn to bottle) peaches and berries.

Week 28: Matches, candle, battery operated light for 72 hour kit. Hint: Store cash in $1 bills in various pockets in 72 hour kit for emergencies.

Week 29: Obtain blanket (wool is preferred) for 72 hour kit. Hint: Make sure you have emergency provisions and plans for pets.

Week 30: Buy corn or other vegetables at U-pick farm or store. Hint: Bottle or freeze veggies.

Week 31: Can opener, dishpan, dishes, utensils, ax, shovel, bucket, battery-powered radio, paper and pencil for 72 hour kit. Hint: Locate gas meter and water meter shut offs and attach a wrench near them. children who are old enough should be show how to turn the gas and water off. Along with an explanation of when and why we should have to do this. Review your family's “Earthquake Preparedness" plan. S'mee's suggestion: copy the instructions onto card stock and add them to your 72 hour kit, so that you have a review card, 'just in case'.

Week 32: Personal toiletries for 72 hour kit. (toothbrush, tooth paste, shampoo, washcloth, towel, brush, feminine hygiene) Hint: Copies of personal documents: scriptures, genealogy records, patriarchal blessing, passport, driver's license, social security card, immunizations & legal documents (wills, insurance policies, birth certificates, etc.) for 72 hour kit. S'mee's suggestion: copy these onto a c.d.

Week 33: Plastic knives, forks, spoons, cups for storage. Hint: Place first aid kits, personal items and medication in various places--car, home, shed, etc.

Week 34: 1 box baking soda and baking powder. Hint:"Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation & Treating Choking."

Week 35: 4 cans of cream of chicken soup, 4 cans of chicken noodle soup. Hint: Install or test your smoke detector.

Week 36: Buy chicken to bottle. Hint: Bottle or learn to bottle chicken or other foods in pressure cooker.

Week 37: 3 cans beef chunks, Hint: Have fire drill.

Week 38: 4 cans vegetable soup. Hint: Establish an out of state contact to call in case of emergency.

Week 39: 2lbs. Macaroni and 1 Ib. Spaghetti. Hint: Place a pair of shoes under your bed so they are handy. Encourage children to store shoes under bed at night. You may want to have flashlights under children's beds also.

Week 40: 4 cans vegetables. Hint: Send copies of favorite photos to friends or family, out of state for safe keeping. S'mee's suggestion: Copy all important documents and photos onto c.d. and store in a easy to find container.

Week 41: Large box of instant mashed potatoes. Hint: Inventory all your sources of light - paper logs, hurricane lamps, candles etc. and make sure matches are nearby.

Week 42: 8 cans of canned fruit (peaches, pears, apples etc.) Hint: Store a roll of quarters and dimes for emergency calls.

Week 43: Aluminum foil, plastic garbage bags, ziploc bags. Hint: Go on a hunt as a family to find the closest pay phone, or make survival kit.

Week 44: 4 boxes macaroni & cheese. Hint: .Take a first aid or CPR course.

Week 45: Plant fruit trees and grapevines. Hint: Make a plan to check on a ward member or neighbor who may need help in an emergency.

Week 46: Buy large garbage can and make home compost pile. (check in community for other sources) Hint: Prepare to plant garden.

Week 47: 1 Large jar of jam or jelly, buy apples to bottle. Hint: Use apples to bottle, dehydrate, and make into sauce or butter.

Week 48: Buy pears from farm or store. Hint: Bottle pears.

Week 49: 7 gallons of water. Hint: Make inventory of all available water.

Week 50: 1 large container of syrup. Hint: Find out what the ward emergency plans are.

Week 51: Buy ingredients for families favorite recipes. Hint: Make a list of 14 recipes your family likes and acquire all the needed ingredients. Make copies of them and put them in storage sealed in ziploc bags.

Feel confident and START OVER AGAIN

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