Monday, October 29, 2007

You may be a wiener!

o.k. Here we go again! Last weeks wiener was Adan! Adan, come on down and send me your snail mail address so you can get your hands on some elevator music!

The week before was Kate Dell-Smith, Kate I still haven't received your address so pop another e-mail out to me so I can send out your music too!

ONE MORE WEEK TO ENTER! O.k. people we are down to the last few days for the last week prize, PLUS the big doodah at the end o-the-month...Greeting Cards with some fabulous S'mee photos. So send out those ideas!

A new contest is coming, so if you haven't been a wiener, don't be sad, opportunities abound!

and a small aside to let all know we are doing fine, getting back to normal and breathing much easier. However there are still hundreds of families displaced and without homes. Do what you can. Help out in your local areas, become Red Cross certified, donate to reliable charities and generally spread good things wherever you go.

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