Wednesday, October 10, 2007

not that I expect an answer....

But what the heck is going on with the ol' gal-mones???

A few years back I got the ol' girl parts yanked, and life began to be good again, I highly recommend it to anyone! Yes, even guys, it was THAT GREAT!

So the dr. was all like, "Well now you will either go on HRT or be thrust into mental pause.", to which I said, "BRING IT ON!"
It was like...

Saturday: Get girl parts yanked. check!

Sunday: Sleep like the dead. check!

Monday: keep sleepin' girl, ya just got yer girl parts yanked. check!

Tuesday: Feel like you are twenty, with a bad case of the saggies, but hey, you feel like you're twenty who cares what you look like. check!

Friday: Maybe you should take your magic pills and see what they're all about. check!

Saturday: Find a brain surgeon to put your skull back together because the pain induced from the HRT s are freaking giving you the head ache of all freaking time and you are now allowed to kill any one or anything in your path. check!

Sunday: stay in a dark room with a bag of frozen peas on your head and pray to Rudy the pain stops. check!

Monday: Praise any and all Deities for allowing the dr. to be at her desk when you call and ask "What the heck is up with the happy pills? These things are killing me?" When she replies "You can decrease the amount until the headaches go away." You can do an interpretive dance expressing your joy. check!

Fast forward a week or so. We have decided that the best HRT is a dead HRT and they are banned from entering the property line, never to be seen again.

Now it is about 18 month or so past that time and once again I am getting the familiar ax in the eyeball headaches. Sweet Mother of Pearl what the HECK?

I have heard this whole mental pause thing is supposed to last about 3-5 years. Can anyone, for the love of PETE tell me an E.T.A. on these headaches ending?

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chronicler said...

Headaches are not funny! And even though I am older, still not there with ya! SO my only answer could be, try the homeopathic approach to this and go talk to the weird ladies at Henry's they may be able to share little known secrets in that regard.

s'mee said...

"Weird ladies at Henries"???? Homeo pathetic Herbs and Ethels????

Holy Cow that sounds like two steps away from, "Go down to the 'home' and...."

I'm dead where I stand! lol

Sylvia said...

Are we to assume you have already hied yourself to a neurologist and gotten a brain scan? My first move would be to rule out brain tumors or clots or aneurisms. Next, are you eating, wearing or sniffing anything new? Allergies can appear at any time of life. Third, well, it seems I can only think of two things to do, apart from painkillers, which I try to avoid, but when I hurt bad enough, who needs a liver?

The Pea said...

I have nothing to add except mom has been doing this since I was like 17 SORRY!!! OH yeah I'm 25 now

maren said...

My comment disappeared. That's odd. I was giving you sympathy for your headache. I am doing all kinds of hormone replacement things myself trying to get my system regulated. The one thing I had to suggest is to make sure you are well hydrated. I get those awful headaches with this kind of imbalance and it is usually because I am dehydrated. Drink lots of water. Good luck!

s'mee said...

Sylvia, actually a few years back the dr.s actually considered a brain tumor. They sent me down and did a scan...good news no tumor, bad news, no brain.

um yeah, they actually said it like that! Good thing I had a good sense of humour! lol And no, nothing new.

geeze louis Pea, send her my sympathies!

And Maren, thanks for the reminder, yes, I can always use more H2O, and magnesium...