Thursday, October 04, 2007

Contest with Fabulous Gifts and Prizes!

Are you ready contestants? Monte here, looking for new blogging readers and moooooore comments. In my effort to do this I am throwing around a few ideas to have on a daily basis along with the regular fabulousity I normally have.

Beginning soon I will be posting:

Mickey Mouse Mondays: Everything you need and want to know about a trip to the "Happiest Place on Earth." Got questions or ideas? I want them!

Tutorial Tuesdays: A tutorial every Tuesday! Want to know how to pack your parachute? Join the Air Force! But if you have wanted to learn a craft or whatever, send a shout out and I will either make the tutorial myself or try to send out a link that has the info you need. (now let's be reasonable here... anything involving math and or physics will just get a good belly laugh)

Whined Up Wednesdays: This is your opportunity to whine to S'mee and get all my Gramma wisdom, or lack thereof! Ask away! Whatever you wanna know, we'll get to the bottom of it.

Think About it! Thursdays: Terrific links to the world! Wow! Find that on another blog! O.k., swing a cat and hit a blog with links, but hey, now I'm another one! Do you have a particular subject you want "link researched"? Drop a line and I'll drop a link!

Field Trip Fridays: Remember the yearly field trip you went on in grade school? Yeah baby! Every Friday I will find some place really awesome to visit... and the goal here is FREE ADMISSION! (or minimal entrance fees... let's face it, fun costs sometimes.) Do you have a destination city? A theme? An age group? Facts I need to know if I'm going to help you out!

Here's the small print: (which is much better read with a cheesy announcer voice in your head)

1.Use the link to "S'mee Mail" on the side bar and drop me a letter with your suggestions, your questions, your wants and needs, your bank account numbers and pin i.d. The more letters, the higher your chances of winning! Put the day of the week in the subject header or it may get deleted!

2. Tell your friends, send them here and tell them to comment! Make sure to tell them to comment that YOU sent them. Both you and they will be added to the contest!

3. Lather. Rinse. Repeat! Once you win weekly you are automatically added to the end-o-the month drawing! woo hoo!

Once a week, for the next month (or so) I will randomly draw a letter from each category and the winner will receive a S'mee Music Mix!!!

(pausing to allow those who know my taste in music to stop laughing)

ahem, o.k. Once a month those same winners names will be tossed about and one winner will receive a collection of home made photo cards! (some of S'mee's famous photos to share with your snail mail friends!) Yes, it's true. And it doesn't get much better than that!

So tell your friends! Share the news, and spread the wealth!

Help S'mee, help you!

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Adán said...

Cool idea! I wonder if you could help with the regional phonetics and dialectal usage of pronoun structure in south central South American literature with European philological components of the 1970's. Hey, it's not math or physics right? :-)

chronicler said...

gotta love my son in law!

s'mee said...

Dear Adan, If you read the rules you will understand why you have been disqualified for this question. All questions to be considered in the contest should be e-mailed with the identifying day of the week as to not be deleted. Man! I hate legal! (And besides, if I told you this answer, you would never learn for your self.)

Chronicler, college kids! lol

Adán said...

Darn! I was so close, guess I should read the fine print...

s'mee said...

Adan, Perhaps you need to have your b-i-l check the legal stuff before you enter any contests.

That said, you are free to ask a new question if you like...I know you're dying for some free S'mee music!

chronicler said...

hey s'mee, you may want to change your prize. after seeing the lady in the news on friday fined $200,000 for sharing her music with friends...

maybe some pics instead.

s'mee said...

ugh. even elevator music?