Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Well, in the video I made a statement that it would probably take a couple of days for the fire to climb over the hill and make it to our side. Guess not. We took #3 out to dinner for her upcoming birthday and as we drove home, the darkness of the evening sky revealed that, yes indeed, the fire has crested the hill and is now making its' way into our valley. We can see the flames quite well. I will let you know where we stand tamale morning. In the meantime, ya'all take care and do what you can to prepare your families for just this kind of situation.

Also, Jamie J. from Flip Flop Momma is extremely near all the fires in San Diego, she has family and friends who have lost their homes already. Please keep her and all of them in your prayers. Thanks.

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The Pea said...

I feel like I have been praying non stop for all of you guys!! I hope all goes well, BTW is your boy fighting these fires?

s'mee said...

Pea, Thanks so much! We're fine, really. #1 is actually stuck at his home base with a skeleton crew, hatin' life. You know men, he would much rather be out in the front line. This is the first big fire he has had to miss and it's making him crazy.

The Pea said...

I saw a news story about a whole fire crew that had their truck go up in flames. I am glad his is safe for now! I am scared for everyone I know who is anywhere near this. What a horrible thing. But I love they was you are prepared. The gosple blesses our lives in so many ways I am so greatfull you have heeded the advise we have been given.

ParisBreakfasts said...

for leaving a comment on my blog and sharing your experience. I don't want to lose touch with what is going on.

maren said...

Yipes. I hope things are ok today. You'll be in our prayers.

s'mee said...

Pea, I have heard my son tell story after story of his crew mates who KNEW their own homes were going up in flames and yet stood firm and fought a fire against another's home as if it were their own. That's the kind of men and women these types are. Thanks kid, I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Oh and Gramma called and said you needed info? Give a call!

Carol, Thanks for stopping by, I have added you (finally) to my blog roll. I love your blog. Lovely! A vacation in words and photos everyday.

Maren, things here are well, very well, however very smoky! I am beginning to feel like a herring or such! Everyone is getting funky eyes, slight sore throats, and those headaches that just 'ping' in the front from the smoke...I tell ya! I don't know how smokers do it everyday!

But as they say, "This ain't no hill for a high stepper, and we be high steppin' right abouts now."