Friday, October 19, 2007

Let's Make Up ---part duex!

Holy Hannah! The tech-y gods are after me! I totally biffed the whole link-up this morning. So if you went there and it didn't work (meaning there wasn't anything there...duh!) well they links are up now! Whoot!

Trust me - they are fantastic for ideas and techniques... go!

Halloween is the time for make up; and do I have some links for you!

Links for the beginner mummy or daddy to videos of professionals doing their best work. Terrific stuff. Scars, bruises, monsters, vampire eyes, you name it!

Panacea 81 has video tutorials on Fabulous Eyes! This woman is adorable, very unpretentious, and she demos her eye make up versions via her love of MAC cosmetics. Very dramatic! (After reading more about her I found out she is an "eye model"...and I believe it!)

If you'd like to "link up" click here!

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