Thursday, August 31, 2006

A bedtime story...

Yesterday we had Mommy and Little Man over to the house for a visit with #5. Daddy showed up after work and we all had a terrific time. Little Man, however went the entire day without a nap and, well, let's just say that when the family left at 10:45, we all thought that drive across the valley would knock him out. No such luck.

This morning we again were together as a family and mommy had this to report. Seems Little Man wasn't sleepy enough to fall asleep on the way home or even after 11:30! By midnight Mommy and Daddy were tired!

Little Man: I'm not tired!

Mommy and/or Daddy: GO TO SLEEP!

LM: I'm thristy!


LM: I need a hug!


LM: I need someone to lay down with me!

M&D: Little Man, you need to go to sleep. Look at Baby Brother, he is already asleep. He is a baby. No one is sleeping with him in his bed. You are a big boy! You don't need anyone to sleep with you in yours. GO TO SLEEP!
(not missing a heart beat)
LM: No one is sleeping with Baby Brother because his bed is TOO SMALL!

Mommy: (laughs quite loudly to herself as she walks back to her bedroom.)

Daddy: Move over Little Man. Get under the covers, share the pillow with Daddy. Good Night!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Plan A: If we call it by a clever name we don't have to acknowledge what it does

It's been a long time since I have blogged. A couple of reasons for that:

#1 I sliced the heck out of my index finger (thought it looked a lot like celery); and typing has been very tedious and slow as I have commented on a very few blogs.

#2 doing lots of work in the house and about, traveling a bit with Thor, so finding a computer that works has been difficult.

#3 Blogger's block.

#4 (yes I know Chronicler, I "need to get an Apple") The computer has taken another dive. This time it seems we were given a counterfeit program by the terrific guys who fixed it the last time. Thanks, guys.

Lisa's Rambling has taken care of #3...

Lisa has informed me that, as of today, anyone over the age of 18 can purchase the "Plan B" pill within the borders of the United States. Yup, ANYONE over the age of 18 can walk into a pharmacy and purchase the "Plan B" pill for between $20.00 and $50.00. No prescription necessary.

Prior to this announcement, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Washington, and Vermont allowed specified pharmacies to sell "Plan B" over the counter to women OF ANY AGE. In those states things won't change a bit. The law in these states gives the pharmacist the authority to write a prescription, and then fill it, according to the American Pharmacists Association.

Back in 1999 the battle began to make this "Plan" available to the general public via prescription by a doctor. By 2003 "agency advisors" and "scientists" agreed that nonprescription sales would be the best route for the U.S. to take; and it's status in the drug world began to morph. The first attempts were for any woman over the age of 16 to be allowed access to this "Plan B" alternative. That began the fight.

Unfortunately, the fight actually helped promote the drug's acceptance within the medical community and as of reports today, sales are up 30% this year!


As of this posting, there is still inconclusive data as to the safety for use in young women under the age of 18.

The manufacturers claim that the same chemicals in other "birth" control pills are in this Plan B pill, the trouble is, they both act the same way. Chemicals, hormones act in the body to change the levels that release an egg for sterilization. However, if an egg is already available at the time of intercourse, it can become fertile and travel down the Fallopian tube and into the uterus where, in normal function, it would attach to the wall of the uterus and grow to full term. With both "birth" control pills and the wonder drug known as Plan B, both cause the uterine wall to block attachment and the fertile egg is "lost" or "evacuated" during menses. This is still an abortion, just renamed.

So, as of today, anyone, read: ANYONE over the age of 18 can stroll into Target, Walmart, RiteAide, Walgreens, or any other pharmacy and purchase a pack containing a "Plan B" pill. How many of us know a "sympathetic adult" who is willing to purchase alcohol, cigarettes, and other "stuff" for young teens they deem responsible or otherwise? How many kids have a friend who is 18 who would help them out? Anyone out there ever make a fake I.D. to get into a club?Maybe I am just pessimistic. Maybe this just happens in "B" Hollywood movies.

THANK YOU FDA! Thanks for making it so very convenient for us to eliminate the middle man and give us one more way to kill our unborn babies, at home! Wow! And the price? $20-$50 what a deal! No dealing with a doctor. No hassling with ma and pa. No having to fill out a form that may embarrass one with nosy questions. Quick. Easy. No Fuss. No Responsibility. No Consequence. No Thought. No Accountability.

Did you get caught up in the moment last night? Are you inconvenienced by the thought you may be pregnant? No worries! For a quick $50 you're off the hook.

I can't wait for the commercials promoting this "Plan". Seems to me there was a Better Plan, one a tad more Divine.

When you throw a pebble into the water it makes a splash and a ripple. Today we throw a boulder in the water, and yup, there was the splash. I fear the tsunami that will come with the ripple. We, as a nation, are begging for it. Go ahead folks, move to higher ground now. The tidal wave is coming, and it isn't going to be pretty.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

They'll love happily FOREVER after!

Bling Bling!
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We met Tom about 3 years ago. A retired Ordained Minister who finalized his search for truth as he left the religion of his lifetime and entered the waters of baptism, from then on to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Once Tom made his decision he went forward with the vigor of someone who had lost a dear Friend and searched every book, asked constant questions and did everything possible to get closer to his Savior.

Shortly after being baptized, he met Virginia. She spoke only Spanish, he spoke only English, but together they fell in love. Virginia and Tom married after a few short months and she followed into the waters of baptism.

Tom went through the temple almost a year to the day of his baptism. He was on fire and so far no one has been able to put him out. Virginia has learned English and in her sweet shy personality caught Tom's enthusiasm for the Gospel of Christ.

Last year for Christmas, Virginia got the news that she had breast cancer and by February she had lost her breast, but not her will. She was and is still going through chemo, and during the middle of it all she got an infection and survived a flesh eating virus. She is determined. She is faithful.

Today, Virginia went through the temple to receive her endowments and also to be sealed to Tom for time and all eternity.

In the words of Paul Harvey -here's the rest of the story. Tom and Virginia are in their 60's or 70's. After leaving the temple session and resting her chemo-therapy worn body in the Celestial Room of the temple for a few minutes, Tom had a surprise. He got down on one knee, pulled an Eternity ring out of his pocket and asked Virginia if she would be his wife for eternity. She said yes through teary eyes and together they met a small group of family and friends in the sealing room.

A few tender moments later they were united, sealed and bound together for time here on Earth and for Eternity. Now I don't know about you, but this was pretty much the most romantic afternoon I have witnessed. Virginia, head covered in a white cap, crocheted to keep her little bald head warm, dressed all in white; and Tom, her romantic frail little hero, tear filled and emotional.

Don't you just love a faery tale ending?

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It was on SALE!

Words that I am sure scare the bejeebees out of Thor.

My entire life I have not liked money. It is a means to an end. I am not impressed by it or by the things it can purchase. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE shiny things. But I am also basically lazy and refuse to do whatever it is that builds financial security. It can seem to others that I am h*ll bent on making sure I die in poverty. I have one offspring that would swear by this.

O.k. That said, I also LOVE a bargain. I am one of the few, the proud, the brave who can actually talk a PIC-N-SAVE Manager into lowering the price "on this item. See, right here? Yeah, well I understand that this is a discounted piece of merchandise already. However, this is the last item you have of this and it needs some help. No one else will buy this in its' current condition, and so what can you do so that I will?" I have done this many times to the embarrassment of family and friends and to glares (and envy) of other consumers who, frankly, were too embarrassed to ask for the additional discount themselves.

Case in point: COSTCO. I have a lovely leather "cigar chair" with it's matching ottoman. Originally this chair and ottoman were priced $700.00+. But I waited. And while I waited I took Thor leather chair shopping. We went EVERYWHERE save the manufacturing plant (read: the field where they "grow" leather) so that he could see exactly why the $700.00+ price at COSTCO was such a deal.

Fast forward to the day of the purchase. We go in and there is but one chair left. The floor model. I check it out. Sturdy. Clean. No obvious wear. Just a tad dusty. O.k. This is GO TIME! I find the manager and present a plan. At the end of bargaining I walk out with the set for under $300.00. I can bargain, but after this experiment I learned. I could have gotten the set for even less had I played my cards correct. Live and Learn!

Now, there are others who make me look like a sales schmuck. My best friend for instance.

The following story is TRUE! Nothing in this story has been embellished to make my friend seem crazier than she really is. Only the names have changed to protect and praise the innocent.

Many many years ago "Thelma" purchased a home in Utah as an investment. In her thinking, she would buy this little house, rent it out to two separate parties; paying the mortgage and earn college funds until one by one her 6 kids would take turns on the top floor through their college free.

Thelma spent 4 grueling years building her dream home in SoCAL. To her credit she lived in a 18 foot travel trailer with her husband, Earl and one daughter while the boys lived in another travel trailer just feet from each other. They rented a port-a-potty and went to work. Thelma never paid retail for anything and she wasn't about to start now. They lived and built on that half acre like no modern people I have ever met.

After 3 years in the finished house, her husband decided it was time to move to Utah. Thelma left her dream home after only 3 years. They sold her home for $10,000 and take over payments. It just about killed Thelma.

Not one of her kids went to BYU. O.k. plan B. She had her husband decided to move to Utah and try their hand at a new business. They moved into the house, remodeled it and, yes, still had renters in the basement that paid the small mortgage. Essentially, they lived "free" of any house payment for quite some time.

One day Thelma met with another friend, Louise and went to lunch with a group of women. All of these women knew at least one person in the group, no one knew everyone. During the lunch, one woman lamented the fact that she had finally built her dream home only to live in it 5 years because her husband decided Hawaii was where they needed to be. Now she was in the process of selling her 'new' home for $10,000 and take over payments.

Thelma perked up. She asked Louise if she had ever seen the house that was being sold. Louisa replied that, yes she had been all through it and it was, indeed, lovely. "Is it worth the 10k and the payments?" "I think so." So Thelma asks the owner, "Where is you house?" "Salt Lake in a brand new subdivision. They aren't even finished with all the phases, however our house was one of the first built." They chat a while and after it was all said and done Thelma cut the woman a check right there at the table for $5,000.00 and bought herself a house... on SALE! Sight unseen, but trusting in Louise that it was a good deal, she bought a house.

I got the phone call first, about one hour after her lunch. The ink on the check was probably still damp. "I bought a house in Salt Lake today at lunch." "Wow! I didn't know you guys were planning on moving! That's cool. Tell me about the house." Well, I haven't seen it yet, but Louise has and said it was worth it. I GOT IT ON SALE!" "What did Earl say?" "Welllll, I haven't told him yet. I used my money, so he won't care."

The conversation went along rather oddly like that for about 3 weeks. She eventually found out where the house was actually at, loved it, told Earl about their move about 18 hours prior to moving, and they could not have been happier. They kept the house in Provo where it kept giving them income for many years.

She loved the new neighborhood, and her new friends in Salt Lake. The moral of the story: Never pay retail. Ask for a bargain. Trust good information. Never let your hubby decide when it is time to move.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

hopefully the heart grew fonder...

o.k.! Time for a new post. I apologize for the long blank interim and hopefully will be back to my verbose prose as usual.

Let's see. Well, the whole Destiny thing really got to me, then I heard about two other, separate incidents that were similar, and frankly it shook me. I have a great deal of anger, sorrow, frustration, and ....I don't even have words for it now.

Next. The room is coming along and there is actual light at the end of the tunnel. Plans had to be changed but it is beginning to work out.

Um, kids, church, life, and a few other things just kept me away.

And then there was the trip with Thor back up to San Francisco! Wheeee! We began this trip by heading down to Long Beach for an early morning meeting. I dropped off Thor and went for a drive. I haven't been to Long Beach for years. I drove out to the Queen Mary, I was going to go in, but a little voice said to just do a drive by. Then over to the Pike, which I remembered as a kid was pretty darn fun. Now it looks like a giant food court. Maybe I couldn't see all the carnival type rides, carousel, or roller coaster from the street. Another drive by.

I drove out to a point as I talked with #3 about her ever changing major-minor mix-ups and some about her favorite new read. We had a terrific talk as I drove slowly by house after house and made out like a cop on patrol. Thor called MUCH sooner than I anticipated and so I drove over, picked him up and we began the 6+ hour drive up the '5' to the Bay area.

We stayed at the St. Francis for the third time. I like it there. And weird, but we had the very room we had the first time there, I take that back; the first time was on the 9th floor, this go round was the top floor. I like the corner room. It looks over Union Square and when you open the window, you get a room full of fresh air and all the city noise -which is actually cool. There was a street drummer, the kind with no drums but many different plastic containers, each with its' own pitch. He was good. He had a photo of himself and the Mayor, and an article from the newspaper laminated with clear tape and secured to one of the main 'drums'. He was famous.

We both enjoy just people watching. The families who sat all around us as we ate dinner. (How do these people afford taking a large family out? We were in a place that cost Thor and I just under $100.00 after tax and tip. Holy Hannah!) Then there are the foreigners who point and speak in excited tones as they see new or perhaps familiar things. I love being close to the SFMOMA and the Art Institute, you can see the funky dressed young adults who express their creative streaks in clothing and attitude as they bussel by all us tourists. And the lovers, old and young who cuddle under a tree, kiss at the intersections and never let go of hands as they walk through the square. And all the 'Carrie' wannabes, who click up and down the hills in their Versace clothes and Jimmy Choo heels...yeowch! And the homeless and mentally ill who find their place among the elite. What a contrast. It's a tiny little piece of the world all in one block.

The ride home is always so great. We took the long way home; along the '1'. I love this ride. I love everything about it. The scenery is fabulous, doesn't get too much better for me. I think those ragged cliffs, the barking sea life, and the waves are incredible! The scent of that briney ocean air gives me energy. We stopped along the way to see tourists, otters, elephant seals and just Big Blue herself.

As we headed inland we had to go through the Central Valley. Not a favorite of mine but still interesting with it's groves that seem to go on for miles. The vineyards were full of grapes, white, green and red. And then the stark contrast of fields where the water no longer runs; acres of dead grey trees standing in almost white dirt.

Anywho, here we are back in reality this morning. All in all I love being out on the road with Thor. The conversations and also the times when there isn't any verbal talking at all, but the scene takes over and the two of us don't need any words to enjoy the moment.

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