Thursday, August 31, 2006

A bedtime story...

Yesterday we had Mommy and Little Man over to the house for a visit with #5. Daddy showed up after work and we all had a terrific time. Little Man, however went the entire day without a nap and, well, let's just say that when the family left at 10:45, we all thought that drive across the valley would knock him out. No such luck.

This morning we again were together as a family and mommy had this to report. Seems Little Man wasn't sleepy enough to fall asleep on the way home or even after 11:30! By midnight Mommy and Daddy were tired!

Little Man: I'm not tired!

Mommy and/or Daddy: GO TO SLEEP!

LM: I'm thristy!


LM: I need a hug!


LM: I need someone to lay down with me!

M&D: Little Man, you need to go to sleep. Look at Baby Brother, he is already asleep. He is a baby. No one is sleeping with him in his bed. You are a big boy! You don't need anyone to sleep with you in yours. GO TO SLEEP!
(not missing a heart beat)
LM: No one is sleeping with Baby Brother because his bed is TOO SMALL!

Mommy: (laughs quite loudly to herself as she walks back to her bedroom.)

Daddy: Move over Little Man. Get under the covers, share the pillow with Daddy. Good Night!

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Lisa M. said...


little man.

such a darn cutie.

Carrie said...

This is funny! How did kids get so darn smart in their young age? I love the things kids say! Keeps us on our toes!