Thursday, March 17, 2005

More about me than you'd ever want to know:

Some people have those "100 Things about me:" posts. This is mine, sort of. In a nutshell I am basically like everyone else. I have had a ton of jobs, most of them in the art/design industries.
Here's a quasi resume if you're interested, followed by a bunch of other items:

I married my best friend when I was 18 and he was 19 (in 1976!). We have been pretty happy ever since. I am the mom to the best 5 people on the planet. Gramma to 4 little boys and one little girl!

I could put these things on my resume (i.e. things for which I went to work on a schedule and received financial compensation!):

Fast Food, Hair Salon Grunt, Homekeeper, Nanny. (pre-marriage years.)

Graphic Art: Logos. Graphics. Private Business/Client Holiday Cards. Window Lettering- Holiday/Event Ads. Commercial Signs/Ads, Brochures, Promotional. Calligrapher. Business Cards to Billboards...I have designed them.

Designer: Visual Display (Windows Displays, Product Placement, Christmas Trees!). Packaging and Professional Gift Baskets. Event Rooms. Floral. Model Home Interior Asst.. Interior Art. Murals. Faux Texture. Bridal/Event Rooms.

Manager: Bridal Staff. Wedding Planner/Bridal Consultant Asst.. Sanrio Surprises. (I was offered a top level position by the owner’s son, Daniel; I declined*).

Working with the Deaf: Instructional Aide for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Interpreter for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Social Coordinator for Deaf Events.

Volunteer: Domestic Violence Shelter. Shelter/Home for Severely Abused Children. Hospitals. Elder Care Centers. Community Parks and Rec.. American Red Cross. Salvation Army. Schools. Church.

I designed the original logo, mascot, incentive/award patches and tee-shirts/hats, buttons, etc. for a Science and Technology Center. I also designed the NASA/Space Shuttle Challenger Memorial that encircles the (S&T C) patio and flag pole on the grounds. There is one obelisk, in ascending order for each of the seven crew members who died aboard on January 28, 1986; along with bas relief sculptures of each crew member, information, and the field of science that was their main focus/specialty.

Three of the logos I have designed have been for local schools. I designed their mascots (and other items) as well.

Awards: International Visual Design Competition – Sweepstakes once, 1st place four times.
National Interior Room Design Competition– 3rd place, Children's Bedroom Division. Graphic Arts Contest National Art Magazine, published with bio and small write up, twice.

While working for this corporation, I was so desperate for cash that I traded prize money for credit; meaning I did the artwork, gave the credit to my boss in return for cash incentives and monetary awards. He kept the certificates and trophies with his name and store number on them.

I entered contest in Rubber Stamp Madness magazine. They couldn't decide between the two entries I sent in so they published one each for two consecutive months. I won 5 copies of each those two issues. That cracks me up.

I entered a contest with this magazine, and submitted two entries. I won, however they never disclosed which entry won. Not knowing has bugged me to this day.

All of this with only a high school education. : p

The very best job I have ever had is being a mom. Followed very closely by Gramma, which rocks.

*which is why I passed at Sanrio.

Church Callings: Ward: Primary teacher for: Targeteer! (for anyone old enough to remember that class?)CTR-A/B, Valiant A/B, Merrie Miss A/B, Primary Chorister, Primary Pianist, Primary President, 1st & 2nd Counselors, Primary Secretary, Den Leader, Young Women: Beehive, Mia Maid, & Laurel Adviser, Young Women 1st Counselor, Young Women Secretary, Girl's Camp Counselor, Silent Adult Counselor, Unit Leader, Hand Crafts Specialist, Relief Society: "Homemaking" Leader, Secretary, 1st (Education) Counselor, Visiting Teacher, (Acting President while Ward R.S. President was on an extended leave), Other: Interpreter for the Deaf, Deaf Social Specialist, 13-14 year old Sunday School Teacher, Co-Teacher Temple Preparation. Stake: Primary -Secretary, 1st & 2nd Counselor, Relief Society - (1st) Education Counselor, Seminary Teacher, Interpreter for the Deaf, Art Director/Design for Public Relations and/or Pioneer Events.

When the lids were little, I designed and sewed their clothes. Patterns cost too much, so I used newspaper. I'm not the best seamstress in the world, but I get by o.k. My favourite thing to sew/design: Halloween costumes!

I really really like cats, kittens are the best. Cats like me. I have my favorites, George, Lewison-Mama-Kitty, Googiewhump, and Prozack. All of whom are currently chasing mice and eating plates of tuna in kitty heaven. But trust me when I say I really miss them and their squishy tummies.

I have no cats currently, so it makes me kind of sad. Allergies got out of hand for everyone in the house.

I like birds also.

Scared of most dogs.

Despise all forms of vermin. Paranoid, actually of all forms of vermin.

I am seriously crazy about the beach. Can't get enough of it. It energizes me and makes me instantly happy when I can smell that funky briny salt air.

I love music, most music, so I am easy to take to a concert.

I love live theatre and opera.

I love to drive. I love to ride. I love to travel.

I make friends very easily. My family jokes that if I stand in line (or an elevator, walk to my car in the lot, wait for the light to change at the corner...) a minute too long I will make a new friend. It has happened. Many times.

People confide in me easily. Strangers confide in me.

Math bad. Paint good.

I am a contradiction. By psychoanalytical definition I am a true 50/50 split personality. Sanguine/Melancholy. This drives most people in this 2 percentile of the population crazy. I took a jet.

Kids are my idea of honesty.

Thor, our kids, and myself once assembled pistons that were used in the Bellagio Hotel's "Dancing Fountains", the circuit boards for the computers that were used to choreograph the fountains with music, and also did the same for the Royal Residential Palace in Brunei. Neither of those I am fond of, however, it did pay the bills at the time.

"Put it in a bubble and blow it away" -good advice if you can follow it.

I don't believe in original thought.

I have my own versions of "foil hats".

I don't trust the government or corporate America, "Big Business".

I like to sing.

I get out of control during autumn with decorating the house for the holidays.

I do "Nightmare Before Christmas at Halloween". No one ever sees it because no one Trick-or-Treats door to door in our town. Sad. We are not 'Halloween Town' at all!

I have convinced my D-i-L to host a Hula-ween party each year. We both love Hawaii and the culture. Seems like a good idea.

I decorate over 16+ trees (on average) each Christmas, each with a different theme.

I like fresh; or frozen in a pinch, never canned. (This makes eating all that canned food storage, um, less than pleasant, but how can your store 'fresh'?)

I have a serious relationship with Chocolate.

I prefer Pepsi... decaf please.

I don't do the microwave very well. It is a $250.00 butter melter.

I like grass. Um, lawns.

I like to keep my dining room table dressed all day.

I'm hilarious.

My favourite love song is about suicide.

I think in symbols.

I think God prefers Polynesians.

I wish I could sing like k.d. lang; or my friend Conni.

People do too much to fish when they cook it.

Lobsters aren't all they are cracked up to be.

If so many people die to bring us crab legs should we really be eating that many of them?

I get stirred up over weird things.

I write "smarter" (more intelligently?) than I speak in real person most of the time.

I know how to organize.

I once found a real one hundred dollar bill between the tire of my husband's truck and a city gutter.

I have 'period' teeth. (meaning I could play someone from the Elizabethan period.)

I have 'cankles'. (but nice looking feet)

I really really dislike Las Vegas. creepy.

Being late is akin to murder. You can't give time or life back. To make someone wait is an ultimate arrogance.

Not impressed with money, but rather what is done with it.

It's safer to swim past the breakers than close to the shore. There's a life lesson in there somewhere.

I have been pulled naked from the Kern River by a deaf man. He saved my life. (It makes for a really hilarious true story though.)

I am not afraid to die. I am afraid of pain. I am afraid I may not be ready for my judgment.

When I look at the "world clock" it makes me cry inside.

I wonder how many dimples are on the average starfish.

I count things when I am in an uncomfortable situation and then find the multiple that connects the items in a room or pattern.

I like chocolate with orange.

I think kiwi green is a neutral.

I've been to Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, Oahu, Ohio, Texas (finally!), Utah, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Mexico (technically only into Tijuana, but it still counts.)

I refuse to dye my hair.

I like change.

I am 'Charles Manson' to the botany world. This makes me sad and unhappy.

I make a mean "But what a way to go!" Pie. My original recipe. Can be used to kill/maim/coma-tize (yes, that is a word. sort of ) people with a low resistance to sugar or calories or yummy goodness.

I have a abnormally heightened sense of smell.

I have been known to "sign" in my sleep.

I love it that Thor thinks I'm worth it.

I've had my girl parts yanked and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs it and is sitting on the fence with making that decision.

One really is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.

Favourite scents: Newborn baby, baking bread, the beach, rain and Coco by CHANEL.

If I could decorate in any one style, without consideration of cost or availability, it would more than likely be Craftsman or Mid-Century. And then I would bend it totally into a Polynesian Casual.

I lost my wedding ring at a hotel along with another ring. Someone actually turned them back in. This was one of the best things that has happened to me. If you're the person who turned them in, I send you my heart felt sincere thanks.

My kids think I make the best Mac and Cheese. They will testify this at my funeral.
Art Saves Lives.

I am not an English major; nor do I have the skills and abilities to use an or correct proper English grammar. Deal.

Sometimes it is better to be happy rather than right. Especially if someone else's feelings/ idea/thoughts/attitude/political bend/or otherwise are wrong.

Play nice. Be a good human. Be happy. Find joy.

That's good for now.

*last update: February 2009

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Jen38 said...

Your comment about being Manson with your plants made me giggle. Your blog is hilarious and will definitely check back frequently! Thanks!

s'mee said...

Wahooo Jen38! You are the first to actually read this thing! wow!

I can't wait to see what you do next with my blog! Cool!

Siobhan said...

Hi, I just read it too. Thanks for the giggle.

Thank you also for the advice, it was very much appreciated.

s'mee said...

Siobhan, (one of my favourite names btw) No wories! I hope the day went well for you! Thanks for reading!

red said...

I rolling with the "'Charles Manson' to the botany world"! I think most of the time all they need is a little water! jk :-)

S'mee said...

Red...anytime you're in town, you know the security code, feel free to give a little botanical love to the plants. : >

AbbyDawn said...

Any chance your favorite love song is starry starry night? It's really pretty. And about a suicide. I don't know if it actually counts as a love song though.

I'm extremely impressed with all you've done in your life!!

S'mee said...

Abby Dawn, don't be impressed! Most of it sounds better than it really was/is! hehe! And no, Starry Starry Night *is* one of my favourites, but not *the* one.