Saturday, March 19, 2005

Saturday Rambling

Today hubby and I were to attend both a wedding and a funeral. We opted out of both for reasons to numerous to explain here. Instead we spent the better part of the morning with #4.

He is to be married late summer and has the opportunity to purchase 10 acres of land and a small house out in the toolies for $10,000 over the original owners current loan - well under what it is being appraised at by perhaps 2/3rds. The only problem will be qualifying and, because of his age and job, etc., that may or may not happen. But we drove out and saw "his land". It has a small little house, a well for water and is run by solar and generated power.

He has a beautiful view as it sits deceivingly high on a low hill that you don't realize you are climbing until you look out over the valley below. Off to the east is a rather large town with a rather popular freeway that cuts through a mountain pass. This will definitely glitter prettily at night as well as the tiny tiny community to the south west of his property. The tiny town also has a small lake which will sparkle just about sunset, which he tells us glows in all shades of hot pinks and oranges and settles down into a turquoise blue and violet splendor. In between these two towns lay a stretch of verdant farm land and riverbed that tip toes through the desert cliffs; which I think resemble a rather minuscule version of the Grand Canyon. So all in all if it were me, and I could afford it, I would pounce on this land for nothing more than the view.

His bride to be has approved of the idea and is already imagining improvements and shades of fresh paint. The closest neighbor happens -coincidentally- to be a retired couple of which the husband is of good acquaintance with my hubby. So that's another plus.

The rest of the morning and afternoon was spent with #1; whose wife is in New York this week with a group of cheerleaders, whom she coaches. (they came in 2nd!) He came up to visit and keep his mind busy, and from what he said, "to avoid cleaning the house". He can't fool us, that kid is lonely without his bride! We went driving and looked at houses they are looking at. The market is still climbing, but there are some who predict it will begin to come down soon... so they are playing a waiting game. Signs for them have been the new incentives they are noticing developers offering new buyers such as covering closing costs, front yard landscaping included and one even has built in pools for every home purchased in the next phase of the development.

We looked at a couple of sites and walked away less than impressed. "All like Orange County. Big houses, no land, funky plans in some - others great, but all on top of each other or situated so that you can peruse the neighborhood from your up stairs bathroom and see what everyone else is having for dinner." They would prefer a home closer to where they both currently live and work. They are in the minority (I think) of folks who live in SoCAL - they both work and live in the same town and the commute is short. Most folks in our area have at least one person commuting an hour one way. That's crazy, but true.

Hubby and I will spend the rest of the evening in solitude I believe, unless something changes. But for now it is weird and the feeling of what is to come. A quiet house. Good thing we are friends and enjoy each other!

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chronicler said...

Amazing! I hope all goes well for #4! It'll be stretch, but I believe in miracles.

As for the empty house, who're ya foolin? You guys are such great parents, the place'll never really be empty.

s'mee said...

We are praying that it goes as it should, but hoping it goes like we want! And you are right; this house will never realy be empty!