Friday, March 18, 2005

even better...

O.k. - I run down to the store to get more fresh fruit. Upon my return #5's best friend is here and secretly informs me that in addition to "National #5 Appreciation Day" it's also "let's surprise the heck out of #5 evening". It seems that everyone one on the party list had school projects, early bed times, track meets, shampooing of hair or other lame excuses and couldn't make it over tonight. Because they are throwing #5 a surprise party at a different location! So she was a little disappointed, but was taking it very well. After an hour or so best friend said it was time to go home and feed the chickens and off they went. The only problem with this whole day was that I wasn't there to witness the surprises. Oh well, I am happy for her and it is so cool when your kids have great friends!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful "gift" to wake up to. You, my dear friend, are a perfect person to blog. Your unique view on life and creative use of our English language will entertain us. You will be my Erma Bombeck of the 21st century. My son blogs on his web site and I always enjoy his thoughts too and am amazed at what is in his wonderful mind.
Having moved from SoCal and being caught up in life here in rainy Paso, I missed the opportunity to hug your #5 on her 18th. This saddens me. Her life goes on as it does for all who are young, but us that are holder it gets caught up. We tend to get bogged down on the moment or past moments. #5 is truely one of the greatest teenagers that has passed through my life. You have been blessed to have her and her siblings in your home. (But, of course you know this.)
Charge ahead S'Mee and bless us all. Love, from one of your Kathys

s'mee said...

Hey Kathy! It's nice to hear from you! I read T's blog whenever he writes (hint hint - that kid is SLOW). Tell everyone I say hello, hug hubby for me and tell your Daughter in law I say congratulations on the triathalon! WAY COOL!
see you soon I hope, love, S'mee