Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Road Trip

We took the drive through the desert up into Utah. All in all it can be one of the more tedious drives you can get. The scenery doesn't change much. But yesterday was different. We live in the Mojave and lately our weather has been really nice, warming up, last week with heavy winds. As we got further away from home and more into Nevada the weather provided us with glimpses of spring wild flowers - so abundant this year. Hubby has wanted to venture into Death Valley to see for himself but time just isn't enough for us to do that. So as I drove near there I scanned as best I could and, although there aren't as many as I expected the flowers were out and very pretty.

Clouds gathered as we spent time in the car and by the time we got to Mesquite we had sprinkles. Cedar City met us with more rain and Beaver still had snow on the ground! 2 hours out of Provo and we had snowy-ish sprinkles that when the wipers shed it from the windshield, it came off in sheets of slushy ice. Too weird for this California girl. As we readied for bed, snow was falling and it was quite pretty.

My niece and her hubby invited us to stay with them while we are here. They have a really nice apartment, much nicer than when hubby and I first started out a thousand years ago. It has just been remodeled with new tile and carpet. The rooms are few but large and they have a great Spirit in their home. They are very sweet and generous with us all invading their space. My niece has such a cute personality and is friendly and warm. She is encouraging to my daughter and giving her all kinds of good advice and information about living at the Bayou. She tells of great socials and parties and gave a few warnings about what to do and what not to do to fit in and have a good experience here. I think she'll have a wonderful time here and feel good knowing that she has family so close by.

While we were there, my other niece came by while her hubby was attending a class. So we had a chance to visit and get her opinion on life here also. After our conversation with her I think a trip over to their place is on the schedule, she has stocked up on all kinds of ice cream! (If it snows in Utah they have to put ice cream on sale - right?)

We visited and watched t.v. and joked about my sister's obsession with "The Amazing Race". (I for one am glad the mean guy and his poor girlfriend are eliminated! I think someone should intervene with the gal and tell her to find a less abusive man to involve herself with. That guy's a jerk!) I'm glad the old people are still on, they seem really nice. I have always been really bad at these things. I don't care much for confrontation and mean competitiveness. I like a good game, but...

Back to the apartment. My niece showed me fabric that she will use to reupholstered the sofa and love seat. It's a gorgeous deep red and will look great. Walls are decorated with all kinds of familial pictures and wedding photos. She has always been very photogenic, and now so is their baby - who is very much the girly girl. Dress that baby in army fatigues and you could still tell she is of the feminine variety. She is so pink and sweet!

So we're off to SLC to catch s few museums and such. Catch up with you later!

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