Friday, March 25, 2005

Making "comments" easier!

After spending some time with my blog-o-matic sister on Wednesday night, she helped me do some new things to my blog. One of them makes it really easy for you to comment. She installed a new comment tool -Haloscan- that allows you to comment just by clicking on the comment icon at the bottom of the post. After that a little window pops up. You just fill in the blanks, name= the name you want to show on the screen, your e-mail address (you can click on a button to hide that from public view if you wish), and then a "URL" box., not really sure what that does, but if you don't either chances are you won't need it to comment! Then just go to the empty box and write away! See you soon!

***If you have commented prior to Haloscan being installed Wednesday night, it was erased. My apologies. But if you are like "Chronicler" you can just rewrite them if you want! Thanks Chronicler!

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