Tuesday, March 22, 2005


My hubby is a freak about the list. This is a man who has been known to procrastinate, but not when it comes to making a list. What is it about lists?

Grocery List. So we don't forget the one ingredient that will make dinner just perfect.
Target List. They have too much stuff there to just go and browse. This list keeps you from impulse buying.
To Do List. Can be both good and bad, fun and depressing. Oh the things that need to be done!
The Check List. This one is for all of us wanna-be pilots. Airplane - check! Steering Wheel that is cut in two - check! Lots of dials and buttons - check! Tickets - Tickets - Dang!

Then there are the other lists. The lists that I seem to find only on blogs or in personal journals. The whole personal journal thing is hard at best, because you have to wait to be invited to read it, or wait for the person to die so that you can finally figure out what they were writing about all that time. These are, however, the lists I enjoy the most.

My daughter - in - law made a list of "happy thoughts" as she was growing up. A small book which contained moments in her life that were exceptionally happy. Then during a particularly bad day she could just go to the book, find a page, and relive a happy moment. She shared her book with me just after her engagement to my son. It made me happy too, and I didn't even remember the actual event! (there was that one entry that I kind of wanted to relive...hmmm)

The List of Things to Do Before I Die List: These ones I really like. Although there is a sense of "Man! I NEVER thought of that!" envy when I have finished reading them. Lots of bloggers have these lists and they include some odd things (roller blading through a cathedral), to the mundane (public speaking), to the daring (eating sweet breads). Most have some random place on the planet to visit - which for me, that list would be long. I think I'll pass on the sweet breads - trust me -we're not talking banana bread.

The Things About Me List: A list where one explains either in very short or very detailed images what makes them a character worth reading everyday. "I was arrested in New Mexico for monkey smuggling in 1968" Some of these I really enjoy because they help me understand the person's sense of humour, or lack there of.

The Book, Music, ETC. List: This is where they list the latest "____" they are enjoying. Sometimes I wonder if they really are reading that French Novel or just trying to impress (or depress) me. "Yeah, I'm cool, I' m listening to Russian Folk Music while reading an Inuit Ancestral Novel in the original tongue." You can't fool me, They were too busy hunting whale and eating seals to write a novel!

Then there are the Things You Can Buy For Me Even Though I Am A Stranger To You List: This one cracks me up! People actually have a "wish" list of things they hope some generous philanthropist will grant them. Now I actually know people from both those groups who have actually done that, and it seems like a really cool idea. Mainly it's books and stuff like that, but folks actually ask for boats, cars and today I saw one hoping that Harry Connick Jr. would leave his super model wife and realize he loved her instead. (Now there's a wish I can relate to!) Maybe someday I will make a wish list also and someone really nice will see it, like me and there you go! I'll have that new thing that will change my view of the world. It could happen!

Then there are the Lists Of Lists: Things like this entry. I'll go now.

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chronicler said...

Oh Man! Now I have to go write a list of the lists I need to make! LOL