Tuesday, March 22, 2005

It isn't easy being green

O.K. So I go shopping once a week and now that I am a grown up I treat myself to fresh flowers regularly. I used to hope hubby would bring them home to me, but reality struck and I clued in. So who cares who brings them? I LOVE having fresh flowers in the house.

I live in the flipping Mojave Desert. Good luck trying to grow my own. I see some neighbors who have had success, but they also have water bills that rival the national debt. So I search around the local shops, stores and farmer's markets and there you go.

This week has been a terrible temptation for S'mee. I saw the flowers and plants and I did indeed partake! At one store there were bunches of one dozen orchid stems with the most gorgeous magenta blooms! I snagged those puppies right up. Then there were the Calla Lilies and these funky waxy curly very long stems of whatever variety. Add in some deep purple Iris and I was hooked. Today I was picking up some last minute items for a small get together tonight and there in the grocery store were gallon sized (in nice pots) tropical plants. At 2 for $16.00 I bought 3. (I never admit to being good at math - so hush!) Two are 3 foot tall palms, different varieties, and the third is a big bushy bush thing. O.k. I promise when I see someone with botany skills I'll ask what they are.

Normally I am Charles Manson to the botany world, but the last two summers the plant gods have shown mercy on me and allowed me to grow indoor plants of all kinds. I am blessed! My little home grown (from the actual pineapple top) pineapple is still hanging in there and I smile when I think we ate it's momma 2 years ago. I have a bird of paradise that is currently mad at me but in cahoots with 6 foot palm. (Note to self: never move said plants- even when laying down new flooring! They get even!) All those and a few bromeliads that I adore!

So Now I need to find new homes for the newbies, show them a little S'mee lovin' and hope they like it here.

So here's the question of the moment: What's your weakness each week?

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chronicler said...

It's a whole lot easier than being red!

s'mee said...

Man you're fast! (and technically I am red more often than you think!) When are coming up? Can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

weekly temptation? Oh mine is the Crate and Barrel outlet store across from work. I MUST go in weekly and see what the masses haven't yet purchased and see if there is a reason for leaving such fine goods all alone in a store. Sometimes there are perfectly good reasons, but I use that word sometimes very cautiosly! Most of the time I spend at least $20 on some little thing. However, all is not lost! I can usually use the items I purchase for the catering gigs and I don't have to worry that my black thumb will kill them. LOL.


Anonymous said...

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