Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Sunday

With so much going on- today will be brief. As will most of next week. My 18 yr. old is headed up to the "Bayou" (B.Y. - U.) to check out housing. Ma is tagging along so that I can check it out too, and take in a few classes on Wednesday. Lots of friends in Utah will keep us all busy and therefore probably away from a computer.

One definite trip will be to the LDS Church History Museum, where a young friend of mine has her work on display. Last year I encouraged a 9 year old girl who has a keen ability in art to use that gift and participate in a worldwide event that asked young children to draw a picture of a Prophet. It could be from any era in time. She chose to depict the greatest prophet of all time, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. She drew Him calling His disciples after they had fished all day. Her drawing was chosen to be on display for one year along with other honorees. I am very excited and glad for Ms. Allison! (Allison treats me to weekly installments of her original cartoon series. She has developed characters and heroes and plot lines that keep me coming back for more. That and other drawings she does in her spare time. She will be famous some day!)

Other than the difficulty in extracting a small snickers from it's crackly cover and the really good grilled fresh pineapple that accompanied the roast - today is pretty tame.

Happy Resurrection Day everyone!

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