Friday, September 01, 2006

French Lessons

#5 has been home and visiting with the Little Man. During the afternoon she decided that he would be the perfect student to teach French to. So for a few minutes she captures the Little Man and sat in a corner while she went over the way French people say "yes": OUI!

Over and over they practiced until Little Man tired of the game and went on to find something else to do.

Later that evening #5 decided to test Little Man and see if he remembers.

#5: Hey, Little Man, How do you say 'yes' in French?

(thinking, thinking...)
Little Man: uuuh, OUI!

everyone claps and whoops.

Today the same scene is rehearsed once again.

#5: Hey Little Man, can you say 'yes' in French?

(thinking, thinking,...)
Little Man: uuummm, uh, YES!; in French!

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Lisa M. said...

Very very smart kiddo!

Yolanda said...

C'est magnifique!

Kristine said...

Very cute.
If he learns "Si", he could be tri-lingual. Although that would more than likely become "Yes, in Spanish". Hehe!

chronicler said...

Too cute! Get 'em while they're young I say!