Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The home of Syndney Rigdon, impressive now, amazing for the day. Unavailable to the public, volunteers from the Community of Christ live here while they serve giving tours and working at the Kirtland Temple.
The Temple- still lovely and beautiful, still able to induce Spirit filled tears as one walks through it.
(no photographs were allowed within the walls of this temple; although we were particularly blessed to be on a tour that went through all three floors!)

The candle in the window of the room (at the N.K. Whitney Store) where much revelation was given; and where the Bible was translated by the Prophet, Joseph Smith Jr.

The doorway of the room (also in the N.K.Whitney Store)above reveals benches where the School of the Prophets met for instruction. Although we were allowed to take photographs anywhere on the (LDS owned) property, I just couldn't take a picture in this sacred room.

(It seems that between writing and posting the photos have jumbled. Sorry folks.)

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Sarah said...

These are really beautiful photos! I have never done a church history trip like this but would love to see all these sacred spots. How lucky that you were able to get the full temple tour!

(I hope you don't mind, but I've linked your blog up to mine - I'm looking forward to more good pics!)

chronicler said...

Thank you s'mee for sharing. I would love to spend some time there. You were fortunate to be so close for this trip.

oh and FYI Back to the Future was filmed at Universal Studios' lot.

Maren said...

My family did a church history tour across the country when I was 11 or so. I haven't been back since. It would be fun one of these years to take Reilly.

Lisa M. said...

Ah S'mee.

Just beautiful. All the pictures are.

Its great to hear from you.

s'mee said...

Thanks everyone! Things here *are* really beautiful! I can't get over the green once you leave Cleveland and get into the countryside...gorgeous.

The Temple tour was sweet! We are very blessed. I went down to teh Johnson Fram yesterday and will post photos later on. Also went throug a teeenyweeeny town named Mary Yoder, which is primarily Amish. No photos though (other than a group of buggies), I felt too rude to impose the Kodak moment. At any rate a lovely trip.

Sarah, I would be honoured to be on your links!!! : ) I am way past due on revising my own page- perhaps when I get home I can return the favour to you and many more blogs I read every day!!!

C... somehow I knew you would find that out, maybe they got their inspiration from that location???

melissa c said...

How beautiful. What a neat experience. I so want to take my children on that trip. What a testimony builder!

Carrie said...

I am so extremely jealous! What a wonderful trip! I haven't visited back there since I was a little girl! It makes everything so much more real when you can see it with your own eyes!

Have a wonderful weekend!

chronicler said...

You're back! Didn't leave me a comment but I saw you were there! ;-)

chronicler said...

Ah, like ships passing in the night! You left a message at the pther place. Glad you're back and safe!