Wednesday, September 06, 2006

o.k. folks, I am off again with Thor, this time to Cleveland Ohio! So for the next ten or so days, I will try to check in when possible, blog if we get a good line and until then, ya'all play nice and have a good time!

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chronicler said...

Lucky you! I'd get a rental car and go go go! There's Longaberger basket company, that has a great tour.

Also, all those cool places with cool things to see. The rock and roll hall of fame! 10 days to see all that is cool in Ohio. Neato.

Kim Carney said...

Have fun! Don't worry about the rest of us that have to stay back and work ;))))

s'mee said...

Chronicler and Kim, thanks! we are trrying hard to have some fun! Thor only has one day to play, so we went to Kirtland and wandered around aa AWESOME! Hopefully will blog about that later, so amazing.

So Chronicler, where is the Longaberger factory? Anywhere close to cleveland and do you know anything about Amish country here? Details woman! Details!

chronicler said...

Longaberger is at least a two and a half hour drive from what I can tell on the map. It is close to columbus. Throw a rock and hit an amish community. #1 says to check with your concierge for directions they're all over ohio.

she says if you're in for an over-nighter, they're not that far away. :-)

Jewel said...

Have a great trip.I will be thinking about ya