Monday, September 04, 2006

the 3rd Sister!

Introducing.... the 3rd Sister! Yes folks there she is, my big sis! Well, another of my big sissies, she the one in the middle. The one with the cool hair, the blue eyes, the best shape, and frankly a lot of talent!

She can paint anything! She is very creative and smart to boot. (When we were little kids, mom put us all in piano lessons. Let's just say that after six months, Sis over here was playing a 36 page concerto, while the rest of us were still on "Indian War Dance" -you know, two fingers on the left hand being the 'drum beat', dum dum dum, while the right hand had the difficult task of tinkling out a one fingered Indian tap dance. Needless to say the girl got a Gift!)

She's pretty, funny, knows a lot about a lot, and well she lives in TEXAS, so her life is pretty big. Go check her out and welcome her to the blogging world!

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chronicler said...

Oh goodness, we were so cute! Kind of like kittens. Now we're just big old cats!;-)

s'mee said...

well there you go! I liked the part about

Dang it if she still isn't the cute one with the good hair.