Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Sis!

There she is. The big sister. Chronicler The one we all looked up to, even big brother who was actually older, but I digress.

Look at that smile! She has a great smile, complete with killer dimples. (I have dimples too, I just sit on mine!) Those dimples got us both into, and out of, a lot of trouble when we were growing up; and as an adult she can still find ways to make those dimples work for her! Any body having a bad day? Flash 'em a dimpled smile and they feel immediate urges to laugh and have a good time.

She also has a good heart and a wise mind. She knows enough about a million things to hold an intelligent conversation with just about anyone they're interested in. She has so many talents she can keep you entertained as well with stories of the things she finds clever and the ways in which she spends her time. She has so many charitable ventures, she can find someplace to send every extra dime and much service.

Who would have thought that sweet little girl would grow up to be so complex? A Mom, Wife, Gramma to Little Miss!, Foodist, Mini-Cooper Fanatic, Apple User, Entrepreneur, Crafter, Seamstress, Farmer, Artist, Glass Craftsman, Book Enthusiast, Photographer, Scrapbooker, Wannabe helicopter Pilot (just give her time), Teacher, Friend, Cat Lover, Archivist, Counselor, Music Expert, and so much more make up my big Sis! There isn't much she can't do. She thrives on new experiences and learning.

She once described herself as a shark. Not that she'd eat a baby seal or a license plate, no, she's actually very picky -only good (as in amazing) tasting calories for sis. She is a shark because she can't stop moving or in her words, "[she'll] die!" Yup, she has an abnormal drive and desire to keep going and going and going. Maybe she isn't a shark, but an Ever-ready Bunny? Who knows, but she always has something brewing, that new idea in the back of her head that may take a few minutes or a few years to come to fruition, but it does and it's always a success.

So there you have our birthday girl for today. I love you sis, you are such a good friend to me! I hope you get to that Ocean soon enough and have a terrific day!!!

Now, y'all scoot over to Food Chronicles and or Cooper Chronicles and fill up her comments box with all kinds of birthday goodies!

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Maren said...

That's a nice tribute. Happy Birthday Chronicler!

Kim Carney said...

What a sweet and wonderful birthday tribute, I am going over to wish her happy days!

chronicler said...

Oh you! You make me sound like superwoman! Thank you so much. I reflect a lot of what I see in you and my other sibling to the east.

I love you so much. I am glad to have a sister like you! I can't believe you used my picture! You didn't mention that the smaller child in the pic was you!

Lisa M. said...

I love the picture. LOVE It.

She is a shark!

*grin* and one of my MOST favorites!

Jewel said...

Love the picture. Hope you are haveing a great day.

s'mee said...

thanks everyone! I know you all enjoy Chronicler as much as I do! It has been a fun life following in her footsteps...and yes, I am the chubby (albeit, cute and danged adorable)one on the right.