Monday, August 07, 2006

hopefully the heart grew fonder...

o.k.! Time for a new post. I apologize for the long blank interim and hopefully will be back to my verbose prose as usual.

Let's see. Well, the whole Destiny thing really got to me, then I heard about two other, separate incidents that were similar, and frankly it shook me. I have a great deal of anger, sorrow, frustration, and ....I don't even have words for it now.

Next. The room is coming along and there is actual light at the end of the tunnel. Plans had to be changed but it is beginning to work out.

Um, kids, church, life, and a few other things just kept me away.

And then there was the trip with Thor back up to San Francisco! Wheeee! We began this trip by heading down to Long Beach for an early morning meeting. I dropped off Thor and went for a drive. I haven't been to Long Beach for years. I drove out to the Queen Mary, I was going to go in, but a little voice said to just do a drive by. Then over to the Pike, which I remembered as a kid was pretty darn fun. Now it looks like a giant food court. Maybe I couldn't see all the carnival type rides, carousel, or roller coaster from the street. Another drive by.

I drove out to a point as I talked with #3 about her ever changing major-minor mix-ups and some about her favorite new read. We had a terrific talk as I drove slowly by house after house and made out like a cop on patrol. Thor called MUCH sooner than I anticipated and so I drove over, picked him up and we began the 6+ hour drive up the '5' to the Bay area.

We stayed at the St. Francis for the third time. I like it there. And weird, but we had the very room we had the first time there, I take that back; the first time was on the 9th floor, this go round was the top floor. I like the corner room. It looks over Union Square and when you open the window, you get a room full of fresh air and all the city noise -which is actually cool. There was a street drummer, the kind with no drums but many different plastic containers, each with its' own pitch. He was good. He had a photo of himself and the Mayor, and an article from the newspaper laminated with clear tape and secured to one of the main 'drums'. He was famous.

We both enjoy just people watching. The families who sat all around us as we ate dinner. (How do these people afford taking a large family out? We were in a place that cost Thor and I just under $100.00 after tax and tip. Holy Hannah!) Then there are the foreigners who point and speak in excited tones as they see new or perhaps familiar things. I love being close to the SFMOMA and the Art Institute, you can see the funky dressed young adults who express their creative streaks in clothing and attitude as they bussel by all us tourists. And the lovers, old and young who cuddle under a tree, kiss at the intersections and never let go of hands as they walk through the square. And all the 'Carrie' wannabes, who click up and down the hills in their Versace clothes and Jimmy Choo heels...yeowch! And the homeless and mentally ill who find their place among the elite. What a contrast. It's a tiny little piece of the world all in one block.

The ride home is always so great. We took the long way home; along the '1'. I love this ride. I love everything about it. The scenery is fabulous, doesn't get too much better for me. I think those ragged cliffs, the barking sea life, and the waves are incredible! The scent of that briney ocean air gives me energy. We stopped along the way to see tourists, otters, elephant seals and just Big Blue herself.

As we headed inland we had to go through the Central Valley. Not a favorite of mine but still interesting with it's groves that seem to go on for miles. The vineyards were full of grapes, white, green and red. And then the stark contrast of fields where the water no longer runs; acres of dead grey trees standing in almost white dirt.

Anywho, here we are back in reality this morning. All in all I love being out on the road with Thor. The conversations and also the times when there isn't any verbal talking at all, but the scene takes over and the two of us don't need any words to enjoy the moment.

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chronicler said...

Sounds like a fun trip. One of my favorite drives of all time is PCH from the top!