Monday, July 24, 2006

Little Destiny. Her body was found in the basement of a home just a few houses away from where she lived. The officials have arrested a man, the single resident of the house.

I ache inside when I read this. Her family has had many struggles it seems. And it seems as if the struggles will continue as the family figures a way to reconcile themselves with this tragic event. I pray for justice. I pray for peace and comfort to come to this family.

I am so very grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that provides a way for us to continue in our families for eternity. May that hope carry these grieving dear ones through these next few weeks and buoy them up through the coming years.

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Lee said...

Ouch! What can you say?

s'mee said...

This is when I turn ugly.

It is a fact. A FACT that child preditors have an average of 7 victims prior to ever being suspected of a crime. The numbers go up for those who actually get convictions.

Also fact: a preditor begins with titlation and progresses with each victim until he/she finally can only be satisfied with murdering their victim(s).

It is a FACT that sexual preditors CANNOT be rehabilitated.

How is it that in the United States we allow preditors to be released after serving what are IMHO short sentences? A car thief will spend more time in prison than a child molester.

We value a car more than a child.

It is also a FACT that 98+% of convicted preditors claim to have been a childhood victim themself. If this is true, then the crime increases each year as we allow molesters to roam among us and bring this 'plague' to more children.

Once convicted, these people should never be released again. NEVER. This man should be gone.

This man should never see the light of day outside of a maximum security prison again.

What can we say? How about goodbye to the perp. And goodbye to the government 'leaders' and lawmakers who allow this.

Jamie J said...

It makes me so sad to hear that Destiny will never see her family again. I agree that there needs to be much harsher penalties for molesters. You're right, people value other things more than children and that is going to ruin America.

Kristen said...

How heart-breaking. I absolutely hate hearing about things like that; I avoid the news half the time because there's always a story about a missing or abused child.

I'll be praying for her family. What a devastating thing to happen!

David B. said...

I read in one of the news accounts that Destiny's father had just been baptized into the LDS Church the Saturday (day before) Destiny disappeared.

I hope that he and his family can find hope and comfort in the gospel.

Maren said...

I haven't commented on this post because it is too heartbreaking to consider and there's not much I can say.

Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. I wrote a response to it there.

Would you mind if I linked to your blog?

Lisa M. said...

This has become a part of me, this story. I have very much appreciated your comments and your support.

New news has been given to us, and it seems as though Miss Destiny did not suffer, and her death was quick. I am grateful for that.

(for the swiftness of course, not the horror of it)

I have been really counting my blessings and I feel so grateful for my friends and family.

I, like David B, hope that her family can find some semblance of peace.

*HUGS* for you S'mee.

Love, Lis!~

How is your new addition?

s'mee said...

Jamie, Kristen and David, thanks so much for commenting. I am still so mad about this situation in our society. Thanks for the support for this family.

Maren, I am having a hard time coming up with something to write. Everything seems quite trivial at the moment. I certainly understand about not commenting! And yes, I would be very honored and flattered to have you link here. Thanks

Lisa, Thanks for the new information. I am glad to have good friends like you!

The redecorating (wish it was an addition) is coming very slowly... a few glitches in the system, Murphy's Law, the heat, and all, but coming around anyway. Tomorrow should be a productive day, cross your fingers.

Thanks to you all, I will post something again soon.