Friday, July 07, 2006

Meme from Lisa!

Miss Lisatagged folks to do this meme, I am just one of many... so here goes!

1. Do you think that anyone with a desire to create is an artist of sorts?

An artist of sorts, hmmm. I have a desire to be a NASCAR Racer, does that mean I am one? What would I need to do to prove that I am a NASCAR Racer?

Well, I do think that the two -desire and art- can and do go together-at times. I believe the importance or value of a work is in the eyes of the beholder. It is subjective. ( the difference in whether one considers ballet as "artful" as a sunset or Jeff Gordon.) Just because someone claims to be -an artist, or a particular piece as "art", doesn't necessarily mean that it is -to me.

Making something is different than creating something. I am one of those who feels there isn't any real original thought or ideas, just things that become more acutely clear once one is intellectually or emotionally capable of retrieving it and bringing it to a current placement. Life, for me, is a variation of themes already preset. That said, some folks are extremely talented at finding those things and beinging them to the folks at GODIVA.

Take for instance Kim. She and about a million other people take tremendous photos, a lot of photos that are terrific. In that regard she is special, a few million folks on this rock can see things and create things that are already there and present them in a way that is unique, beautiful, and with whatever it is that makes her one of those millions as opposed to we Billions who cannot. We take pictures, she makes art. In addition to the "everyday" photos, she is able to tweak the images she captures and create more interesting pieces that tell a story and make one think. She is an artist to me, and you can know her character by what she produces.

I think that the result of creation and art, the actual piece (whether it is a building, driving with extreme skill, literature, fiber, our profession, photography, paper, paint etc. -whatever we do/create) reflects strongly on the character of the "artist". Like Kim. Like the author's of blogs. Like Moms and Dads. Like
Oprah. Like the folks at GODIVA or Playb*y. By their fruits ye shall know them. Who are the real artists? Who are just screaming for attention to fill a void cause by lack of Spirit?

2. What frightens you most about getting older?

Knowing that someday I will be completely dependant upon someone else to care for myself. That, and I want to be a happy, funny old koot. Thinking of myself as angry and bitter frightens me. I am not afraid to die. That said, I don't want to jettison the planet just yet, I'm not ready, I have lists of things to do, and the need for self improvement is the longest. So, being independant as long as possible would be a blessing.

I have seen many older folks who seem to be very independant. They accomplish so much during their retirement years. I hope that as I grow older I can gain more control over this body, mind, and especially the words that seem to flow quickly from my mouth. I am my own worse enemy.

"Dear Lord, I have had a pretty good, lesson filled life; thank you so much! You gave me a very nice "house" to live in. I haven't been too wise or very good at maintaining what you gave me. As a result, I am in the process of remodelling and repairing. I might be too late for some of the framing and wiring, the plumbing comes and goes. The attic is pretty clutter with useless boxes filled with silly things I have accumulated along the way. I am trying to declutter and toss out old baggage, dusty containers etc. as we talk today. Hopefully I can fill the library with more, well written books and memorise passages that matter.

I am thinking about when I get older. I need Your help.

Please help me to use my time wisely, fruitfully, and with grace and humour. Help me to be pleasent to be around and stop complaining. Help me to help others. Surround me with positive folks and let me be a source of strength as I become more feeble. If my mind goes first, let my words be more childlike than those of a sailor. (I am working on that right now, any help you can give me now would certainly help, thanks.) If the body falls a part, let my heart stay focused on what is truly important. When the ears go deaf (sometime around 4:00 tomorrow-lol) let my lips speak only sweet words. When the eyes dim, let my hands give warmth and love. I already walk into walls when over worked, so please, as I fall into others, let me give them a laugh, and then stand up to do more good.

When it is time to go, let me go quickly so that I am not a burden. If I need to linger for a time in pain, confusion, or "limbo", impress my family to do what is best for them. I'm o.k. with pulling the plug. I know I will see everyone later anyway, why waste time sitting by a monitor. Help them to find humour in the tube up my nose and to remember I would try to laugh at it also. Let me remember that You know best and to have the wisdom to do what You would have me do.

Lastly, thanks for everyone You have surrounded me with while I have been here. Thanks for the lessons. Help me to remember who I am and how much I am really worth. See You soon. I love You. I miss You."

3. When was the first time you traveled by air? Where did you go?

Thor took me to Hawaii with him on a business trip. I am afraid of falling 50,000 feet. Heck, I am afraid of falling 15 feet, so this whole airplane business is a trial for me. The flight left from LAX and we headed straight for the ocean. The first hour out and the last hour in were terribly turblulent and it totally freaked me out. I sat there and cried silently, holding onto Thor's hand for life through the flight. He was so great and just kept telling me all the cool things we would experience. He prayed with and for me. He was great.

The flight was packed. If we fell out of the sky we would have bounced like a cub scout egg project. Thor bought me ear phones so I could watch the movie. It was The Perfect Storm, you know, the story of a ship full of fishermen who find themselves in the mid-Atlantic and all die, swallowed up in the perfect storm (hence the name, clever). Did I mention we were flying over the ocean for -like a bazillion hours? Yeah, great movie choice. The only movie choice that could have been worse would be perhaps, Castaway; where the main character is the only survivor of a plane that crashed, again in a lovely over the ocean storm, and lands himself on an island. Yup, that would have been worse. That lovely crash scene where Tom Hanks is gasping for breathe and struggling to save his sorry little life while the plane is sucking him into the depths of the sea... that was the home flight movie.

The Marine Officer next to me on the flight home had 4 cans of beer before we ever took off. I asked if he was afraid to fly also. "Never with the military. But these commercial flight scare the ^&*#$@#$ out of me." Great, big burly guy is as afraid as I am, Tom Hanks is drowning, and Thor is calmly sleeping. Egads.

The moral of the story is that I am somewhat of a seasoned flyer now. I still become very nervous and very afraid. But I have learned that Heavenly Father LOVES me very much. Prayer does indeed work. And, yes, the Good Lord cares enough for S'mee to stop turbulence and land us all safely wherever we have gone. I am always greatful!

Now, as Lisa did I do also. If you like these questions please let us know where you will write the answers and we'll all run over and add numbers to your stats counter. Thanks for playing!

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chronicler said...

Okay s'mee I am very confused. I think the first question was answered by you, but the others seem to be lisa's answers.

Very strange.

s'mee said...

see above explaination...ooops

chronicler said...

Oh man I thought maybe I was going crazy as I had no recollection of a flight to a funeral as a child! ;-)

Jewel said...

I will do My bes to get the Monday MeMe on my blog. You are fantastic and thankyou for stopping by my blog. I hope you have a fantastic day.

Maren said...

Those seem like two movies, um, NOT to show on an airplane.

Having recently been dependent upon others to care for me, yes, I wouldn't recommend it. But, I don't think that I fear it anymore, either. As I mentioned on my blog, I just want to make the most of the time that I have. My life had been ruled by fear before, and having faced it, fear does not have the same hold on me. I still face it each time I step out of my comfort zone to expand my world, but I have learned that by doing so, it will fade.

Lisa M. said...


I knew me and SMee were sisters, darn it i just knew it!

Great answers my friend.

I love the way you think.

I am going to Florida Wednesday, I'll be sure to invision those movies as I am flying into the abiss. Oh and 9/11 too!!

Hum... beer... might be looking pretty decent about then