Saturday, July 08, 2006


well yesterday was a doozy. First I started a meme, see below. It was only in a draft stage and well, I goofed up some html ///goofy stuff and computer talk ***; P >> and the computer and blogger told me that I couldn't publish it. So I copied what I had written in hopes of finding the miniscule error that was causing it to suspend in cyber world, correct it and then publish it this morning. um, no. That didn't happen.

Instead I woke up this morning with a banger headache. I took a couple of excedrine and headed for the blog to try and fix the blooper. Egads! It was published, and it wasn't finished and o. my. heck.

So after working yesterday from 9:00 a.m. to about 10:30 p.m. this -worst post in history- was out for all to read. Sorry folks.

So here is the new and -hopefully- improved version. I am now off to the temple for the actual sealing/wedding and then off to see a b-i-l who is down from up north. It will be another busy day, but worth it. Nothing beats a weekend that begins in the temple.

Have a great weekend; see y'all soon.

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chronicler said...

Aren't you glad you didn't come to the bakery this week! Have a great day at the temple and seeing family!

melissa c said...

I've done that before! NOTHING gives me a bigger headache thatn trying to fix a problem on the computer! It looked great though so whatever you did worked!

Have a nice day at the temple. I need to go. It has been too long.

Mary A said...

Poor s'mee! Things had to have gotten better for you, though, and think how much you appreciated them then.

If larry the fish looks chubby, it's 'cause I feed him a lot. :D

Lisa M. said...

We took a vote, sis and we decided it was a microsoft problem.


s'mee said...

Thanks to all!
gee whiz :l

the temple was AWESOME! Made my entire day so much better.

computers make me nuts.

Larry is VERY grateful for the food and the attention!

Chronicler would agree with the vote.