Tuesday, July 04, 2006

redo update:

O.k. so the paint is dry and I tried to tile/mosaic the window sill with sea glass. Umm. Not. I like the look, but it was just too irregular in depth. So I am going out to look for a different medium, perhaps old plates or such.

But I really liked the sea glass! wah.

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chronicler said...

Are you applying this directly to the sill or slab of something to be placed on the sill?

It would seem the latter would get you better results. You could control the depth by adding more base possibly??? Then again, this is the non-artsy part of the family speaking. I would have never tried to do a sill in mosaic.

I can hardly wait to see them.

s'mee said...

The first go-round that is exactly what I did, I applied enough base to somewhat level the glass. But it was very thick and I just didn't like the look.

I am applying directly to the wood base already on the sill. HOWEVER, it is highly recommended that one take the sill down to the "bare bones", expose the beams of the house and build up a new base with tile board.

We aren't doing this because no one will be walking on it, using water on it, or using any weight on it. There are more reasons you should use the tile board, but I/we figure we are o.k. with the base we have.

Now, after looking around for exactly what I wanted, I couldn't find anything that hit me in the head. I may just settle for a stone or marble type slab. : ( It will look more appropriate for a resale, but I am artsy and I don't plan on moving. oh well. More details later.