Friday, June 30, 2006

busy bees inside and out!

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O.k. Being inspired by Kim and chronicler; and at Yolanda's strong urging: a new topic for blogging. It seems that everyone is rounding up the dust bunnies and making way for creativity -which means we all need to clean up our creative spaces. For S'mee that means finally getting around to clearing out #4's bedroom and knuckling down to actually changing it's purpose.

So we are heading into new country, going from a (12'x13') bedroom for three boys (young men) to a play area and craft/art room for S'mee. With a bed for Little Man to nap in when he comes over. The first photo is my decor inspiration and the direction I hope it goes.

This is our starting point.

The part that is a huge mess right now and with the tropics as a theme, it looks as if a hurricane has hit the house. We are also in the middle of laying down wood flooring in the hallway...just a few more boards and that project can finish up, but that's a whole other post! In the mean time, all the contents of the hallway, and this boys' room have been thrown out into the front living area of the house.

The bunk bed is covered with books, a left over palm tree from christmas, a dresser and a t.v. among other things!

Now we have the other side of the room:

dressers, beds and more books!
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This is where we have "stored" even more books: on the window sill. Let me tell you, we have books. There is a dresser that needs to stay in the room, but for now we will just paint around what's left here. All the other items have been either shipped to the guys' respective homes or is being stored out in the garage until they have room at their places. (hurry up guys, the garage is full!)

Next check out the antique side board, complete with photos, albums, ribbons, and yes, more books!

I will spare you the gory details of the stacks of clear containers- full of craft, sewing, and art supplies, scrapbook papers and doodads, 4 carousels of craft scissors and even more books in the hall to see if you can play S'mee's version of "Where's Waldo?" called Where's the pianos?

Yup, somewhere under the art, paints, glues, glitters, stamps, plethora of specialty papers and equipment to manufacture even more paper, canvases, easels, brushes and even MORE books lat two pianos!

art supplies, papers, and books
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A studio and a baby grand. But can you see them? No one will be tickling those ivories for at least two weeks! I will keep you updated as things progress. Today we begin to cut in the paint! Wahoo!

And Yolanda... the bees came back. It seems we have a division in the hive and the Queen left with her entourage, but left a princess to develop along with a couple hundred helpers. I was going to post a photo of the honey comb cells, but yeah, I agree, they are creeping me out too!

If anyone wishes to see the new bee photos, or glance at even more books stacked around the house, click on any of these photos and they will take you to the Flickr! page, where you can freak out with either photo!

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Maren said...

What are you going to do about those bees?

chronicler said...

Wow! I didn't even recognize your front room! I love the inspiration pic.

s'mee said...

I have a call out to the county vector control, but it's Friday and so I don't expect an answer or solution until mid next week. So bees are with us for a while. ugh!

Thanks, lol, you would know the difference, but it is NUTSO! I love the print on the bark cloth also. I hope after I have made a duvey cover and the curtains that I have enough to line the backs of the book shelves, I think that would look cool.

s'mee said...

UPDATE: The bunk beds are gone!!! wohoo!

Lisa M. said...

OH I am so jealous.

COME here and give me some darn insperation.

VERY neat.

Um.... *grinning kind of* the bees are back?

melissa c said...

That bee thing is REALLY freaky! I have heard such terrible stories of them killing people they attack! YIKES! Not to scare you or anything. You probably already knew that! glad they are gone!

chronicler said...

Wahoo! the bunks are gone. That is a huge deal. I remember when we needed to get rid of ours. It seemed to be an eternity before we could find someone to use them!

Yolanda said...

I LOVE home renovation projects!! My home is in constant metamorphasis, with more layers of paint, different floor projects (most recently stone tile in entry, walk-way and kitchen) and re-shuffling of things than you can imagine!! Keep us updated on the progress!!

Honeycomb cells I can handle--squirming, girating, buzzing pictures of bees?! NO!!

s'mee said...
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s'mee said...

Dear Everyone,
We came home last night and #3 had finished painting the walls, so another step complete! Tamale I will paint the inside of the window and follow #3's suggestion on a colour for it and a small header over the closet. If I have time I will begin the mosaic on the window sill. Photos when project deems.

Lisa, If I am ever up your way I would love to help you spend money...I mean come up with ideas.

Melissa, yup the lady down the block escaped her ordeal just fine because she was in a car, but a gentleman about a mile away is still in the hospital recovering from his attack.

Chronicler, I hear ya! When we started out I would have given my right arm for free bunk beds for the kids, but now, everyone wants everything new or particular about what they recieve...oh well, it's gone!

Yolanda, Whatever you do, DO NOT click on the photos...there are still ones up with the bees (gettingchills just writing about it!) I am always trying to fix up something. I think mine comes from not being able to just go and buy what I would like all at once, and being too cheap to pay what things are really worth. So I try to find a way to do it myself and cheaper than it should be.

#2 son is a manager for a large paint company. When I was picking up the new paint he informed a fellow at the counter NOT to give me the top of the line paint because "My mom will just change her mind in 2 years and redo the whole darn house again. So, best primer, mid-grade paint!" Everyone in the store who knows me just shook their head in agreement.

What to do? lol-Oh well.

p.s. to all: word verification for today: dDrRab (drab!)

tlc illustration said...

Wow - what a lot of renovating! Looks like it will be great!

Lisa M. said...

Goodness. Bee's Bee's Bee's. Are you wearing bubblewrap?

Oh and I have just a fine time spending money. I thought this idea thing was a "I'll dontate to the cause" kind of offer.


I can't wait for pics of the new room. You go girl. I just think your sparkle is so bright.

word verification: ypdhlcdlk

NOW is that beyond way to freaking long?

chronicler said...

word verification:lhvprozl

Let's hav prozac for lunch?

s'mee said...

after the day i have had, prozac for lunch would be a treat!

bees are waxing and waning dependant upon Thor. Don't ask. But hopefully after Wednesday they will be gone.




Kim Carney said...

Hey, I think you have the same "stacking" disease that I have ;) OH, I while my mom is gone, I started on the sewing room, now I should photograph that for a REAL SCARE!