Thursday, June 01, 2006

pretty stinkin' mad right about now! Grrrr!

ugh! I am posting this in blogger angst! It seems the "favorite spaces" trolls have done it again! Just 3 weeks ago I reorganized my f.p. so that it was much easier and more, well, organized. Now a couple of days ago (and this happens with AMAZING regularity about every 9 months or so....WHY? Why? why?) my whole program reverts back to my original 'favorites' from , like 4 years ago! HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN??? It drives me freaking crazy (not a far drive, I know).

So I am haven't been able to read any of my FAVORITE blogs because I am trying to find you all again. Hang in there I am tracking folks down like a hungry blood hound. Thanks to ALL of you for having your favorites listed on your blogs, I am clicking away madly! I just added some tonight and will continue through the rest of the week. In the mean time, grrr along with me!


add to sk*rt


chronicler said...

f.p. ?????

Is that your bookmark location in IE?

Change to Mozilla! Get rid of IE if you are still using it!

the word verify today for this post:

owctgag hee hee gag!

s'mee said...

f.p.= fav. places

Now what the heck is IE? And you know the drill...if you want me to change you will have to come here and drag my sorry technologically inept mind through it step by step. Maybe you could drag the apple in from the garage and get me on that too!

that whole Ow! gag! thing sure works today! (mine is imhrtnu im hurting you? oh my!)

chronicler said...

heh. Internet Exploiter, oops, I meant explorer.

word: flycle. Is that a flying bicycle?

s'mee said...

either that or one of those random flies that gets stuck in the freezer....