Friday, June 09, 2006

A tribute, Science in Action, and Danged Good Entertainment! (in less than three minutes!)

I have seen this before, but thanks to Chronicler for providing a new link. This is pretty awesome! Way back in the day, like the late 80's, times were tough and money was hard to come by. Thor and I sold a lot of our things to make ends meet and then we started to get creative on ways to bring in a little extra cash.

One way was stripping discarded wire and recycling it. Another way was piecing together tiny chips for computer boards. And still another way to earn much need money was to place tiny "O" rings on stainless steel rods, well, pistons that would be used in fountains. One of our friends owned a company that built custom fountains, here in the states, and also around the world. Some of his clients were the kind of fountains you'd see at Disneyland or other attractions. Then there were the big clients. Like the Sultan of Brunai and the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

The Bellagio is famous for it's dancing water fountain. The choreographed fountain shoots water into the air hundreds of feet to keep time and the emotion of certain music and songs. It's really quite beautiful and one of the few nice things about being in Vegas. Thor and I, and our little brood actually helped that fountain (and the Sultan's) functionality by assembling those "O" rings, by the thousands.

So, in remembrance of hard times and beautiful rewards, enjoy...
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Not exactly "O" rings on pistons, more like Mentos on a stick. Not exactly the Bellagio, but still as fun to watch. Especially considering one of the guys has a remarkable resemblance to Professor Bunsen Honeydew.

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Maren said...

My neice linked to this this week as well. I hadn't seen this video before. Quite amazing. My brother and his family tried it and posted a picture at

s'mee said...

oooh Maren! That was so worth clicking on! I love it when they smash tossed the bottle,waaaaay!

s'mee is tickled.

tlc illustration said...

My son is dying to try this out. This video is hilarious.

Lisa M. said...

I Loved this. Funny funny funny!

Girls camp! We're going to try it!


s'mee said...

It seems to be catching on! #5 thinks this would also be hilarious to try out on a hot and otherwise boring night at the Institute!

Lisa, TLC,and Maren, If any of you have video of this plaese let me know how it goes. I think this is fabulous! Heck it beats t-p-ing any day of the week!