Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Somebody call the waahmbulance!

I am not sure why, but my body is rebelling against me this week. Sunday evening I noticed the familiar "Frankenstein walk" that comes with over working muscles that have FMS. SOoooOOoo, why are they achey and weird now? Who knows. Also appearing on Sunday evening was a peculiar red bruise on the lower pad of my dominant thumb. A 50 cent piece sized, painful red bruise. And again, why? Neither over work nor injury to either legs or lower thumb. hmmm. (update: now it seems that the red bruise is also on the 'other side' of my lower thumb at the base where it connects to my wrist... kind of like it goes through my body at that point. weird. ow.)

Then, with Little Man's brudder arriving at any moment (have I mentioned we are expecting another little boy any day now??? I don't think I have. Well, we are. : > Much excitement!) -we decided that after the bunk beds had been removed there wouldn't be any place for Little Man to sleep. With that in mind Thor and I decided to purchase a very cheap 'pretend' captain's bed, you know, the twin bed with three drawers underneath. There are plans for a queen Murphy later, but about 2 years later, so buy the twin now.

The room is still in full redecoration. The bed has to be repainted to match the theme. Tiles need to be set in a window sill.

Thor woke up this morning and left about 6:00, which meant I was up at 6:30 for the day. No biggie, it gave me time before the sun scorched the pavement to prime the bed pieces. They needed (so far) three coats of primer. At about 7:00 a.m. I was standing over the boards in my driveway, being baked by a slow rising sun as I rolled paint. After about an hour I stood up and realized I couldn't. I hobbled into the house and sat directly in front of the water cooler (swamp cooler, alternative to an air conditioner) and let it blow dry the sweat off of me. ICK!

I took out any aggressions I had with a hammer on some really terrific tiles and began to place them in the sill. No photos as yet, but I promise I will soon.

Wah wah wah. Now both legs, my lower back and somehow both shoulders are doing the Frankenstein walk. Fun. I am walking into the walls. It's a good thing actually, always gets a laugh from the kids.

another update. It's now Wednesday morning and the three coats of primer on the bed dried and baked in high heat all day yesterday. However the paint is still just rubbing off. grrrr. I think I may have to sand or refinish the whole of the bed, which is not a happy thought. I am not liking fake furniture at this point and wish I could have lived with the fake wood look stuff that was on it. So, um, put out a call to the expert (#2 is a paint boy-genius) and just waiting for his opinion of what to do next.

Back top the bedroom for s'mee! Hopefully will be able to finish in there and get some stuff moving in by the weekend. Thor is still gone (wah!) and won't be home until late late tamale night, so I am working here today, spending the night at #1's, and going to work with Chronicler tomorrow.

That is all.

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chronicler said...

Yay yay cake with sister!

s'mee said...

yay yay cake with sister two!

yay yay cake with sister three on monday! lol

Anonymous said...

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