Monday, October 08, 2007

Tutorial Tuesdays! A Car Accident Kit

So here we are on the very first Tuesday Tutorial and I can't get blogger to accept my videos. ugh. So to appease the "Do-it-yourself"ers out there in bloggerville I offer you this:

Straight Sided Triangular Cosmetic Bag I love this idea. So cute because if you sew, this can be the start of many great gifts. You can customize a bag and give it to your best girlfriend!

I also thought it would be a great idea for a car accident kit. Drop in a disposable camera to capture damages, a pad and 2 pencils/pens for jotting down pertinent details(one for you, one for the other party) - see below; and a envelope for important papers.

Your bag should include a page with the following reminders:

Your car license plate number.

Vehicle Identification Number.


Registration Info: Owner's address and phone numbers.

Driver Info: Name, address, phone numbers, Driver's License Number, Insurance numbers and info, Expiration dates, Date of Birth

Insurance Info: Name on proof of insurance, Relationship to Driver, Insurance Company and Agent, Policy Number, Insurance Phone Numbers.

Passengers in Your Car Info: Passenger 1: Name , Phone, Address, Where seated?, And so on for each passenger.

Repeat the above information for the other car.

Other Info to collect:
Time and date of Accident.
Accident Location.
Witnesses and Info: Name, Phone Number, Address
Repeat for as many witnesses as available.

Brief description of accident.
Weather conditions.
Road conditions.
Estimated speed at the time of accident.
Estimated seed of the other car at the time of the accident.

Police Report:
Responding Department.
Responding Officer Name and Badge Number.
ASK How do I get a copy of the report?

Include a "WHAT DO I DO NOW?" sheet:
5 simple rules to remember:

1. Make sure everyone is o.k.
If there are no serious injuries, move the cars to the side of the road and out of the way of traffic. If you cannot move STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE until help arrives (if it is safe to do so). Put your hazard lights on if they still work. Place cones, flares or other safety markers out if you have them to warn oncoming traffic. If there are any injuries that require medical attention, call 911 immediately.

2. Stay Calm.
Take a deep breathe and try to relax, you survived this far, it will be o.k.

3. Call the police.
Report the accident and see if you need to or should file a report at the scene.

4. Fill out your car accident kit information.
Give the other driver their copies and ask them to fill them out and return them to you. Fill out your info and give them their copy. Take accurate photos, and from as many angles as possible and of both vehicles.

5. Contact your Insurance Company.
Report the claim to your insurance company using the information you collected from the scene.

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The Pea said...

I am all up for anything to help me get organized. And BTW I have been doing your bedtime chart and it his starting to save my sanity thank you!!

chronicler said...

I cannot underscore the need for the camera! When I was hit from behind, I took pictures. they included the type of day it was. The intersection I was at, and cars around the area. I took pics of the other driver's info he gave me, and his car and him. I found out three days later he reported the accident as being in a completely different city on a different day, making it look like someone had run into him. You can never be too careful!

s'mee said...

Thanks Pea, I am so glad it is working!

Chronicler, you know me, if I don't get crushed at least once every three years...well. Thanks for the back up here! Always good to have a second witness, and in this case it was your camera!