Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sweet S'mee Linkage- Flickr Pools

Hehe! "Links" get it? So here we are in our first official capacity as linkage! Here what we have today:

Autumn/Fall/Halloween Flickr! Group has some amazing photos, Some scenery, some spooky and this one takes my breathe away, from Mailman who just got a place in my personal favorites! Whoo!

You all know I got into hearts and finding them out and about a few weeks ago... hey they have a Flickr! pool for that also! This is fabulous in so many ways I can't tell you via I see Hearts Flickr! pool.

Flickr! has so many different themed pools I could spend all day just searching! I really like this one! via Faces in Places Flickr! pool. (Oh, and btw, Chronicler has recently joined this group. Be the first to write back in the comments and describe her "face" to S'mee and receive another chance at those fabulous gifts and prizes! No, sis, you are exempt form this particular contest!)

So that's all for today folks. It may not seem like much, until you get started, then watch out. You may be looking at these wonderful photos all day long!

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chronicler said...

Totally awesome links s'mee! Thanks!

The Pea said...

LOve the dresser face!! I am gunning ot win

s'mee said...

Congratulations Pea! although when you get this c.d. I am sure you will regret all the effort!

Anonymous said...

who knew there were so many different things just at flickr. I always thought it was just for photographers. It's a really neat place to spend time!

s'mee said...

Thanks Anon, it's addictive, beware!

Susan M said...

I hadn't seen that Faces in Places pool, had to join! So funny!