Sunday, October 07, 2007

"10 things I splurge on, 10 things I save on" meme

Mustang Sally! tagged me with this meme about a week ago... her answers were great, but I have to admit this was a hard one for me to answer! I think it would have been better if I had Thor answer for me, I am sure he could have the answers in a snap! But here I go....

The splurging, probably more than I care to admit. But I do splurge on:

Fresh food and certain brands. I am a food snob as it were. I grew up on bland English fare and a lot of canned and boxed items in everyday meals. When I got married things changed in a big way!

Fresh flowers. I enjoy fresh flowers weekly. I purchase them at Costco or the Farmer's Market here in town, so I feel like I am saving on them... so maybe this is a toss up.

Chocolate. I love me some good stuff here as well. I can't handle the kinds of chocolate that has a gritty texture, a mouth feel of actual sugar, or rock hard. I want creamy goodness. I prefer Swiss and Belgian, Godiva or See's in the States.

At this point I am stumped. I asked Thor for his opinion and he said "Chocolate, and you get upset if we don't have hubcaps, but regular hubcaps are o.k." I said, "Oh, what about shoes? Now that I am old I like good shoes." He replied: "You don't have nice shoes. You really don't splurge on anything. How many shoes do you have? Three pair of ugly shoes. You don't splurge."

I love Thor.

What do I save on?

Clothes. I have a few certain brands I like. I wait for sales. I never pay retail. I usually wait until a catalog/company/store tells me they are giving me 35% or better off before I purchase. Which explains why I dress the way I do! hah!

Make up. I never wear any.

My hair. I get a trim every once in a while, from a friend who gives me her "family discount", then begs me to let her dye it and all kinds of other stuff I never do.

Drapes, table linens, duvet covers, that kind of thing I usually just make myself. Furniture. Everything I have has either been pre-owned or bought at a terrific sale. The leather cigar chair and ottoman was originally over $800.00 and I waited, and eventually got it for less than $300.00. Same for the new dining table. It was like buying the chairs and getting the table for free. I did barter for the desk, entertainment unit and amoire, have grampa's dressers and side tables, and bargain hunted for the sofa, love seat and tuxedo chair. I decided a few years ago that if I didn't paint it or shoot it, it shouldn't be on my walls, so all wall decor is hand made my me or the family.

Utilities. We have a very low maintenance yard (front and back) and we try to conserve on all the utilities year round.

o.k. Now I am curious about:







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the Jensens

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Yolanda said...

I will GLADLY do a meme for you--especially if I don't have to talk about FASHION, because I have been trying to get my article done for the holiday issue of the magazine...but...I guess that won't quite work...the meme IS about SPLURGING, right? This will be fun!!

Kate said...

Hello! Thanks for coming by my blog. I am so pleased to find out all about you! We have lots in common, I think. I'll be back. Oh, and link away! I'd be honoured. xx

s'mee said...

Awesome Yolanda! Can't wait!

Thanks Kate, I'll get on that real soon.