Friday, October 12, 2007

You may be a wiener!

Yes folks, we have a wiener!

The amazing Pea! Pea actually was second in numbers of entries, however the elevator gods must be with her tonight as she is the lucky recipient of this weeks c.d.mix! Wahoo! So, Pea, go to the mailbox one more time and send me your snail mail address and that c.d. will be on it's way!

Don't let this stop you from writing it, I keep all entries and at the end of the month everyone gets another try. So keep those cards and letters coming!

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Maren said...

Congratulations Pea! Now I am going to have to wrack my brain for another good s'mee question.

chronicler said...

congrats pea! I would so have loved to see what s'mee came up with!

s'mee said...

Thanks M&C, you know, you guys (my 5 readers) have given me a huge amount of goodies to work on....I am way excited! However, I will have to hold you after class Maren, if you don't write with more ideas...even fake ones (who am I to judge?)...just to get you in on all the elevator goodness.

The Pea said...

thank you Smee!! I just stumbled back onto my computer after having a long healthy nap. I needed some good news. Now that our primary program is over I can relax for about two minutes before going at it to get ready for next year!!

Lisa M. said...

I am so confused!

But yay for Pea~!

s'mee said...

scroll Lisa, scroll! All will be revealed, and then you too may win a prize!

Nice to have you back home!