Friday, January 11, 2008


(check out the videos below..seriously)
O.k. people! If you have nothing to do this weekend have I got a plan for you! The Mavericks Greenlight is on, and that means the world's best surfers will meet this Saturday at Mavericks to surf and compete on waves averaging over 25 feet. This is the big deal THE contest for surfers... and you can watch it all for FREE!

Follow this link for more info Mavericks Surf and check out the "wave" page and click on "Geography for the reasons why Mavericks is number one.

A quote from the website: "The Mavericks Surf Contest® will be back again in 2007/2008, bigger and better than ever. We will continue the rich tradition of years past, bringing 24 of the world’s very best surfers together to test themselves against the incredible challenges of the Mavericks wave. As in year’s past, invitees to the ’07/08 contest will only have 24 hours notice before they're expected in Half Moon Bay, California, ready to rip. There they will face cold water, strong currents, unpredictable conditions, huge waves, and each other in a surfing contest like no other on the planet. Why would elite athletes risk everything in the truly hairy conditions off Pillar Point? Clark sums it up nicely:

"Mavericks is really the only spot that still holds its own in paddle-surfing," he says. "It's the biggest, baddest paddle-in spot in the world. When Waimea Bay (Hawaii ) closes out, Mavericks is still ripping. When it comes to who's paddling into the biggest waves on this planet, it's the guys that surf here."

Check out the two flicks below..awesome!

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Adán said...

So I am guessing that you vid's are from YouTube. Our holy-than-thou-BYU-celestial-net service doesn't allow us to watch. Don't you know? You shouldn't believe in YouTube? It's of the devil. Just like Easter/Spring Break, or caffeinated soft drinks.

S'mee said...

Adan, hehe Such a contradiction there at times, I don't get it. Here's to grad school!

Linda said...

Surfin rocks! I totally miss living in California where I could watch that - well, maybe not that dramatic - but stuff LIKE that every day.

S'mee said...

I agree Linda! I can't get enough of it!