Thursday, January 03, 2008

Holy Canole, It's a girl!

When I was a little girl mom worked day and night, night and day. One of the side effects of this constant working was not enough time to fiddle with four little heads of hair. So one got buzzed, and the other three were cut into "Peter Pan" bobs for ease. Wash. Dry. Run out to the playground. That was the routine until you were old enough to protest and insist on length.

By the time I finally got the gumption to express the desire for long hair I had fallen so in love with length that I let it grow. And grow. And grow.

When I got married I could feel my hair at my waist. A few years later I was able to sit on it! But after baby number three came along I decided maybe the long hair would be easier to maintain if it weren't so long. So off it went.

The eighties were a sad and tragic time for me. Remember all that BIG hair? I mean radically HUGE FRIZZY WHITE GIRL WITH A FRO hair. yeah. It was horrid. My hair refused to take a perm, so I fried it. Over and over and over again and eventually I looked like the bride of Frankenstein.

Eventually I promised myself that I would never cut my hair again. I would never perm my hair again. Pony tails would reign supreme. And for a few years they have. Sure I have cut my hair now and then, but only to my shoulders...had to keep it long enough to put back into a pony tail so I could work. I CANNOT work with hair on my neck or face. So in the pony it would go.

Today, I went to my favourite stylist and let her loose. Do whatever! She sent a few options via e-mail last night and I had Thor pick out what he thought were best. I had other ideas, until he revealed that my choices were "helmets". (He didn't know I was secretly leaning in that direction.) After hearing that remarks I saw what he saw and went with what he thought was a good choice.

I am still trying to get used to it. No hair, none on my neck, short short short! And bangs. Sweet mercy I have bangs. Oy.

So I went out and bought a blow dryer, a curling iron and my friend is bringing me home "product", shampoo and conditioner. Someone call the papers, I'm a girl.

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chronicler said...

Oh.My.Heck! I cannot believe it! What is next? Color????!!!!

Wowzer. If you dare put up a pic at your flickr on family only and let me take a look!

Red said...

WHAT!!!! YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!!! Omgosh.... I can't wait to see it :-)
btw you can still come over for dinner anytime.

S'mee said...

Chronicler, hehe, I think I'll see you before I could get a photos up anywhere. But yeah, SHORT. I actually had enough length to donate to Lock of Love...that short! eeeeeeeeeek!

Red, Sorry, hope you were sitting down when you read that! hahah. And yeah! I am still waiting for a good night to hit you up! It sounds like you are getting all kinds of experience over there, by the time I make it, you'll be a culinary genius!

maren said...

I love changes when it comes to hair. Whenever I make a major change in my life, I usually cut my hair drastically. I'm with you on not being able to work with hair on my neck or face. I am queen of the scrunchy ponytails right now. My hair is always up in one. I haven't had bangs in aeons. I do plan on a major choppage when I start to get back "out into the world" a little bit.


S'mee said...

Maren,I ahve to tell you that I love change in pretty much any area EXCEPT my hair! It feels so permanent for such a long time. But this time I just went for it before I chickened out. Good thing too, because I think I like it!

Sally said...

YEA YEA YEA! What a fun change! I love the very next day in the shower, when your neck feels so very bare, and it's so easy to shampoo your new do. Happy 2008 to you!