Monday, January 21, 2008

In a land of milk and honey...

As a kid, there were four thirsty little mouths and always an empty milk carton somewhere. At one point my mom had a deal with a local women who owned a few cows. We would get our fresh bottles of 100% and skim it to make our butter! The milk was thick and yummy. The butter... amazing!

As an old married lady I felt the extreme luxury of always having the carton to myself, or at least with only one other person to share with. Again, never left overs, always on the brink of milklessness.

As a mom, at times, I had to budget enough money for a gallon of milk a day. There may be a few unsuspecting souls out there who have yet to experience an adolescent boy and his need for "moo juice". I had that times three (13, 16, 18, with a 15 yr old girl and another girl 10). Three teen aged boy-men who could drink milk until, well, the cows came home. It was so bad that they got into a habit of having to ask me if they could have a snack, a glass of milk, anything from the fridge. They are sharks in young man form. To this day my male adult children still feel compelled to ask before raiding the cupboard or fridge. Habit.

So here we are. The two of us. Thor and S'mee. We love our milk too. It's kind of nice not having to worry about the milk being gone. The budget isn't as tight, I can get a carton of fat free for Thor, (gag, blue milk!) and a carton of whole for me and to cook with. I purchase less, but I still watch to make sure we have what we need and that it's fresh. I have never had a problem until this morning.

After being gone for the week and weekend (thank you burglars for not visiting while we were away) ... the milk had gone bad and the bread stale. The times, they are a changing!

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Red said...

I love milk too. But with it goes bad too fast and getting so expensive so I've backed away from milk. :-)

chronicler said...

I love milk, but it does not love me. alas we have the same problem here now. The youngest one is the milk drinker, the middle never does and the oldest only when necessary. Never had boys, but I can empathize.

S'mee said...

Red, can't you just buy a quart or so? The cost I can understand too. Yikes!

Chronicler, if I had the milk you guys buy, that's all I'd be drinking!

Rynell said...

I heart my milk man. He delivers it into a cooler on the front porch every Monday. Even if we're down to a gallon Saturday night, I don't worry because there will be fresh milk on Monday morning in time for breakfast.

(Of course, this is a service I pay for.)

S'mee said...

Oh Rynell! I envy you!