Friday, November 09, 2007

Dorothy got it right.

There is no place like home!

After spending the last week on a very expensive mattress in a very expensive hotel, I came home to heaven! My back was killing me slowly and by the end of the trip I was walking stiffly and using a lot of heat therapy.

Once home things were wonderful! A few years ago Thor and I decided to make our bed as comfy as possible. We finally got to a financial point in our life where we could actually make choices. Limited choices, but there you go. We shopped around and found a good pillow top for about $350.00 at Costco. I went to Overstock dot com and purchased a feather bed and put that on top of the pillow top. On top of the feather bed went a quilted pad and then 450 tc sheets. Topped with a thin quilt for the summer and a thick down comforter for the winter and we had a nice comfy bed that rivaled any bed we had ever slept in.

Let me tell you that after a 5 or so years it is still SO nice to come home to. I slept like the dead last night. Wonderful!

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Linda said...

Ooooo I do love sleeping in a cloud, and that is what your bed sounds like. After staying at a different expensive hotel with an expensive cloudlike bed, my hubs and I decided that would be our Xmas present to each other! Mmmmm, nighty night!

s'mee said...

Some one give Linda an "Amen!"