Friday, November 16, 2007

Tree Update:

I finished the tree! Whoot! I got up with Thor so I could get down to the church before the "cemetery" kids* left for school, which means I was there at 6:15 a.m.! I put the last bulb on the tree at 12:45, so it was a loooong morning!

Then the phone began to ring and ring and ring and ring! Seriously. For 45 minutes I got one call and then another sometimes overlapping! A small emergency with one of the kids, nothing terrible, just an emergency.

After getting that all sorted away I needed to get some shopping done for tomorrow. Shop shop shop, stop to make a 3 more phone calls in the grocery store!, then head home. I just put the groceries away and got on the computer to post for today.

I will try very hard to get photos of the tree up tonight or maybe for tomorrow's post, but I am not making any promises! This day is outta control!

Now I am off to make soup for the masses (potluck dinner at church tamale!) and then dessert for (about 50???) -my daughter in law's baby shower; also tomorrow. So busy afternoon ahead! See ya later! (cross your fingers!)

*seminary is an early morning religion class that all high school students can attend. It begins at 5:45 a.m. each school day and ends at 6:45 so they can go to school. YAWN! (to think that I used to teach seminary...holy yikes!)

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The Pea said...

I am so sorry I was 1 of those people who tried to call you today. I did not get through however my *~ ever hurt feelings *~
will wait patiently for a return call. No emergency just seekign advice when you have a second! After a good relaxing bubble bath.
Love ya tons!

s'mee said...

Hey! I tried to call you back and I think I have the wrong number or I did something wrong. Yikes! Hey if you still wanna chat call me Saturday before 2:30 or wait until Sunday and you can catch me pretty much all day. But call the cell...home phone no good! I'm never there!lol