Saturday, November 03, 2007

evidently, I'm a little bit "rock-n-roll".

Well, I went with sis down to Riverside. Helped her set up and after a little bit I was able to walk around and scope out the competition. Let me just say that the majority of the crafters had one customer in mind: Marie Osmond.

If there was one tole painted snowman there was a blizzard of them. You want a wooden nativity made of small geometric people with dots for eyes and rosy cheeks? They had hundreds. Christmas trees full of twinkle lights. Red plaid moose, rusty tin stars, and woodsmen kneeling by a manger.

Duck and chicks and geese better scurry, Santa and reindeer and little snow flurries! All kinds of pillows and throw blankets -furry- with some fringe on top!

And I brought lime green cones that bend at the top reminiscent of Dr. Seuss. Yeah. What is they say about knowing your audience? The chance of me selling a thing at that craft fair is about the same as Donny Osmond moving in with Willie Nelson.

Now I want you to know that I think the country offerings were beautiful and lovely. It's just that I assumed all too wrongly that the "country" look was over. I can tole paint with the best of them I just thought there wouldn't be a person out there who would want it. Man was I wrong!

So, Marie, if you are out there and you're still feelin' a little bit country; have I got a sale for you!

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ERIN said...

the country look is over for some people. I for one, would LOVE and dr. suess-ish tree. sounds perfect to me.
I am sure there will be some people there that will appreciate the style.

Flutterby said...

I personally think everyone who buys that stuff is using it for gifts. Because I certainly get more than my share of it and I cannot STAND it! Oh it's pretty enough and I know someone spent time and care making it, but it's just not my taste. And you certainly can't tell the people who keep giving it to you that you don't like it, right? So you pack it away and pull it out when they come to visit. Even though it clashes with the entire house by having that block of wood hanging on the wall that says "dust testing in progress: please to not disturb the samples!"

s'mee said...

Erin, thanks...they may be up for sell soon! lol

Flutterby, I know! I have a few "older" friends who did their entire homes in country. o.k. But the young women I see are looking for totally different things.

I guess Chronicler and I need to find a different market!

Rynell said...

Rock-n-roll here too.