Friday, November 02, 2007

So this is what we have come to....

This is my life today. Kind of boring and running in circles. I am driving to meet Chronicler in Riverside for a craft fair. I am going to help her set up and get things ready before the big start, at which time Thor will scoop me up and off we'll go to his business trip. Yeah for me then!

In the mean time I ask for all good vibes! If all goes well at he fair I will make enough seed money to secure a long time goal. That goal would then motivate me to gear up and craft more. This is my time.

#3 has pretty much left the house, I mean she's here twice a week, but between her job and her social life, she only sleep here. The house guest also decided to jettison the house three months earlier than expected , so there is currently an echo in the hallway. Technically when you listen closely enough you can here that echo saying "No more excuses...excuses....excuses..." The craft room is empty. The bedrooms are empty. Heck, even the bathroom is empty.

So there is a half finished oil painting in the "studio", and about 5 other projects that are commissioned that have been put on hold for ev er. I need to get crackin'!

Long story short (yeah I know, too late for that) seed money would be great right about now.
Cross your fingers for me!

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krishanna said...

Fingers and toes crossed. Now, when are you going to show off your handiwork? BTW, I added you to my read list so I'll be watching...muahahahahaha

Jodi said...

Good luck!

Suzie Petunia said...

I'm very jealous. Good luck!

s'mee said...
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s'mee said...

Krishanna, No pressure! Thanks actually it may kick me in the motivational rear! lol WELCOME! I am away from the house for a week (yes, all you burglars out there, now is your big chance to pilfer the mansion for goods)-- when I get back I need to start on a painting for a girl friend and then dear new friend you may cross everything!!!

Jodi....THANKS! : >

Suzie, thanks, that's sweet. Just know that in 20some years you too will have an empty bathroom. (who knew that was even possible?)