Thursday, November 15, 2007

Maren was really sweet and gave me the following award!
If she didn't already have one I would give her one right on back. So instead I will just say she is really sweet, nice, pretty and yeah, she makes me smile.

Nows it's my turn! And let me tell you there are some blogs that I turn to just for that every day upturning of the lips. I nominate Kim from "Something to Say", whose fantastic links are always inspirational and motivating. I also just like her as a person. She the type of person you want to go to lunch with.

Rynell is like the best friend you'll never meet because she is stuck in another state. But I swear, if she lived anywhere near me I would totally hang out with her. She has a quiet grace in her words and yeah, she makes me smile.

Not like she needs anymore praise, the girl has readers coming out the wazoo, but Hollywood
does make me smile. She doesn't take herself too seriously and I check her blog a lot for updates and giggles.

Lastly, my kid, 'cause he does make me smile. I am really really pleased with the way all my kids have turned out. I got very lucky and extremely blessed. He's the only one (so far) that blogs, so he gets the award. Whoot!

Please take some time to check out these lucky winners, I guarantee they will, indeed, make you smile!

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Rynell said...

Well, thank you very much. Right back at you!

Kim Carney said...

ahhhh, you make me smile ....THANK YOU!

s'mee said...

SMILE!!!! to you both! I love you guys!

Hollywood said...

Now that award is just darn CUTE, S'mee! And I have to tell you, your new avatar is perfect. My husband and I (ever since seeing the movie hook) often just blurt out to each other "s'mee's ME!" But in reality, it's perfectly clear who the true s'mee is. Thanks for the darling award, darling!

Hollywood said...

Ahh! I'm really depressed all of a sudden! I took that quiz on your sidebar to test my "blog's reading level" and I turned out JUNIOR HIGH!! I need to use more words like "fungible" around the site. Way to go on your higher education status!

s'mee said...

Hollywood, that's me...cute! And for what it's worth, I look surprisingly like my avatar! You gotta love a pirate in sandals!

Yeah, about that side bar did I get lucky, um I have been smiled upon by those who make these decisions. I have gleaned what I could from their site and I am fortunate!