Friday, November 16, 2007

Anonimity around the blogosphere

Since the inception of this blog I have been 99% anonymous. I know there are a few hints out there and I have even gone so far as to meet some of the other bloggers out there. A few folks know a bit of my history and even more gory details. But for the most part I think I would be hard to pinpoint.

I have my reasons. One is that I personally know what can go wrong and just how wrong it can go. As a little kid there were things that could have been avoided had I been a tad more protected. As an adult, I, along with Thor, had some issues that lasted over 5 years involving someone "secure" getting and using our credit card...not fun. So far so good on the internet, however a few years back an old high school flame found me in real life just by using Google search. That was weird.

Another reason being that creeps abound. Check out your state's Megan's Law sites and see how close you live to creepy guy. And there are those who have yet to be caught. Freak Parade wrote a (very interesting, and hard to stomach) post where she tells of her researching the net and found actual pediatricians who are creepy, "but are allowed". "This with mom (read YOU) right there!" That's the point for me, we aren't sure who we can't trust until it's too late. I will error on the side of being over protective, over cautious, borderline paranoid- thank you very much.

Mormon Mommy Wars had a great discussion, which prompted Hollywood Flakes (maybe others?) to go under ground. It's interesting because she opened it up to all to go anonymous for a day and comment without fear of reprisal. That was one 48 hour period of True Confessions! She meant it very tongue in cheek, however, once the ball got rolled right down hill!

What do you have to say about being anonymous, where do you draw the line, and what would you say if given the opportunity to comment ala Post Secret?

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The Pea said...

I go back and forth on this one. Because I write only for those who I have told about my blog however, people can come and find me I guess. I do post some pictures of my kiddos but have decided to dicontinue thier blogs b/c I don,t even want to imagine.!

s'mee said...

I think you could continue their blogs, just give them nicknames, no hometown info (school mascots, shopping centers right buy your house, your fav. place "1 mile form my house!!!"..that kind of stuff) on you or the kids, and photos that are non-identifying.

You are correct. All anyone has to do is punch up key words on Google and they can find your kids. You can make the blogs private, or do the above.

Either way I think it is a cool way to keep a journal for your kids that family can access.