Monday, November 05, 2007

Mickey Mouse Monday! Retirees, Basketball and Anne Geddes

Alrighty folks! I woke up early today, partly to have some time with Thor before he went off to spend the day in a basement, and partly because we got an early entry into Disneyland.

Upon arrival, the registry desk told us we got a few days that we could go into the park an hour early...whoot! Today was the big day. I walked around for a bit then went to stand in line. when I saw just how many other people got in early I was amazed. It seems that if you stay in any one of the hotels you get in early. That's a lot of people. But hey.

Another surprise, the last time (years ago!) I got in early we only got as far as Main Street. This time we got to go into Fantasy Land and Tomorrow Land. The other lands were closed until regular opening, but some folks were a bit upset about that.

I learned that the last employee to be hired by Walt still works in New Orleans Square, Ernie the guitarist. I actually took his photo last week or so, scroll down and you can see Ernie. The folks at Guest services weren't sure if Ernie was the longest current employee, but they all were betting on it.

I was also told that former employees/retirees meet once a month, wear their badges and hang out to reminisce about Walt, the old days and working with the guests.

In the waiting time I talked with one of the guys who works in Adventure Land. He told me a few secrets about Indiana Jones, and also that, "No", there are no secret tunnels or a town under Disneyland, only a few access tunnels for maintenance. However, there is a basketball half court in the upper section of the Matterhorn. It was built as a favour to building and maintenance crews, who still, occasionally, use it after hours.

Later I was out in Down Town Disney in the Anne Geddes store. This is the only Anne Geddes store in the world, so far... Soon Anne Geddes will have stores within a store at Dillard's across America. Also if you are in SoCAL during the weekend of December 8-9, Anne will be in the store to sign books (limit 5). (8th: 4-6 p.m., 9th: 2-4 p.m.)

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chronicler said...

Totally weird, I never watch MS Living but today I did. Anne Geddes was on. cue twilight zone music.

How fun. I love hearing all these little known facts!

s'mee said...

Thanks sis. Yeah I saw MS today also! I waited for Ernie but I thinking his shift was later this afternoon, so I missed him. But hey, maybe tamale.

Maren said...

I've just been browsing through Anne Geddes website and reading her blog. How fun. I have always loved her photography. A store would be neat to see, I am sure.

BellaKarma said...

Ernie has a heart-of-gold! He and my daughter connected one day, and she took a beautiful photograph of him. I will try to find the picture to show you later.

A good friend of mine is one of the Imagineers that created the Indy ride; standing in line and riding the attraction with him was a trip!

And I am totally bummed out about no secret underground city. That was SO my disaster plan destination!