Sunday, November 04, 2007

it should just about pay for the burial of what's left.

o.k. wow. Ate at Downtown Disney last night, Tortilla Jo's or whatever, seriously I can't remember the name. Have you ever had one of those meals that kept giving you little signals to run and yet you didn't?

When we walked in, the place had people, but there was no line -on a SATURDAY NIGHT- and the hostess said she needed to get a table ready. A few minutes later we were sat down in what seemed the exact middle of the restaurant. Our waiter was slow, the food came one person at a time with a nice ten minute interval, and when I saw the cod fish taco I ordered it looked raw and smell like skunk. The chicken taco was definitely made of canned chicken because it tasted like tuna and was about dry enough to use as packing material. On the flip side the salad was huge and delicious, so I filled up on that and the chips and salsa and after one bite of the chicken taco stopped.

Thor enjoyed his steak burrito, but said his tortilla soup tasted more like a vegetable soup. meh. The big kicker here is, as I was reconstructing the chicken taco to see what the heck was wrong with it, I found what I thought was "evidence" of one of Mickey Mouse's friends. That was it for me. I couldn't eat a bite more. I was kind of sick just thinking about it.

Thor tried to tell me it was just a piece of burnt rice, but in comparison the rice was thicker and longer. (and frankly, I noticed that he too had decided to stop his eating...)

A few hours later, right when the fireworks began, I was in a fetal position doing a great reprise of Godzilla Attacks Tokyo. Yes, I was Tokyo and the Japanese were leaving, scared, and screaming for their lives, running away from Godzilla, who was in the core of my body. It was a great 1 1/2 hours. (and a great visual for you, right?)

Poke me with a stick later t see if I am still alive, o.k.?

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chronicler said...

You should be a writer! I loved the Godzilla line and knew exactly what you were trying to illustrate! Too good; but not for you!

Aaaack. You broke your fish rule and it cost ya. I don't want to know any more about this meal except the name of the place so I don't accidentally end up there.

s'mee said...

C, Actually I didn't even try the looked THAT BAD. funky! and not in a good way. I think it was the one bite of the chicken. Perhaps it was the salad, although it was pretty good. Who knows, but YIKES! I'll get back to you on the name of the place as soon as I get my "sea" legs lol

Cody said...

Oh, wow. Sorry you had such a terrible meal.

No matter whether it was burned rice or not, I'd have a hard time eating after I found something that looked like that. And after getting sick... I don't think I could eat any part of the meal for months.

Kate said...

Hope you're feeling better. I hate food poisoning, it's the worst. (Well, other than a papercut, obviously! They're the very worst!) Don't forget to log onto that government health website to log your illness (they like to keep stats). Sorry I can't remember which it actually is, I saw it on tv (and I'm in England, don't forget, so the name didn't mean much to me!) xx

s'mee said...

Cody, Thanks, I am feeling much better today!

Mouse turds...I'm so serious! lol That was not what you want to see in your taco! yikes!

Kate, lol paper cut..yeeow! I forgot about the web site , thanks!