Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Painting Mermaids in watercolour.

A work in progress.

All my life I have loved water colour paintings. All my life it has eluded me. I work in pencil, oils, acrylic, pen and ink, chalk, heck I have even worked with crayons and made them "professional". But water colour? I have never done a water colour that I like when it was done.

I have been working this one piece for months, seriously. Drawing it out with a pencil, no problem. But getting the paint on the page and not looking funky..big problem. Little hint: this isn't the original, it ain't the first. I hope this is the last one, so far just a minor blooper that I hope I can fix along the way, but who knows? It's a definite learning process for me, but I think it's finally progressing in a positive way.

This is for a friend's nursery, so I want it to be good. I think after a few tries I am learning what to do and what not to do with the paint. This one may not be the last, but I'm getting close!

Cross your fingers folks. I'll post the finished painting, if I ever get it done!

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chronicler said...

it looks really good! Ah, to be able to paint!

Red said...

oh...these are the mermaids you've been working on!! WOW! I like the way these are turning out

Mark Hansen said...

My mom is an incredible watercolorist. I? not so much. I dabble with acrylics. Much more forgiving.


s'mee said...

Chronicler....ah to do math in my head! lol <3!

Red, yup, can you believe it? Thanks : >

Mark, send your mom, hurry!